Oh! Susannas

Today’s birthday celebrant is Susanna STEPHENSON. I had a FamilySearch ID for her, punched it in and was surprised to see she had been transformed into Susanna JEFFERSON, a remarkable woman who was still having her first husband’s babies after marrying the second – whilst having some of his progeny too.

Susannah Jefferson has 52 sources attached to her person – more than enough to prove beyond doubt that she married twice.

A key date is 3 November 1821, when Susanna and her husband Thomas Warcup brought their son Robert to be baptised at Flamborough St Oswald’s. On the same day, in the same church  – and quite possibly at the same time – Susanna and her husband Thomas Stephenson attended the baptism of their daughter Mary. It is more than likely that the babies were cousins.

Robert was the tenth and last child borne by Susanna Warcup. She died in February 1823. There is a Bridlington death registration for Thomas Warcup in 1850, which fits with the dates he has been given as the husband of Susanna Jefferson on the increasingly deranged  Shared Tree.

Henry SAVILE was baptised at Filey St Oswald’s. At the age of eleven, he was accidentally killed by William Henry AYKROYD – who was made a Baronet eleven years later. See A Man Who Had Money. (Some links in this old post are now broken.)

Ralph THORNLEY was a tobacconist from Mexborough, son of Henry, a cabinet maker. He married Grace Elizabeth KILBY at Filey St Oswald’s in 1897 (the same day Henry Savile was baptised.) Grace’s father Henry John had been the landlord at the Foords Hotel and after his death (AP 444 · burial · 15 March) his wife Elizabeth moved to the Packhorse, later renamed The Crown. See The Actress and the Dressmaker. Grace died in Queenstown, New Zealand on 10 September 1921.

Wave 61 · Bridge Hole

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