Found Object 74 · Chicken

She was Rachel S CRAWFORD at birth, Rachel Susannah when she died, and between times seems to have preferred Rachel Susan. She married a widower in 1905 and in 1911 Robert CLAVERING’s youngest daughters were in their late teens, both in work but living at home in Armley, Leeds. Rachel’s father was a Filey fisherman and skipper and she had a fair number of forebears in the town.

Annie Cooper LOVELL is another child of the West Riding, brought to Filey St Oswald’s to be baptised. She married Walter Gilbert HEAPS in Keighley in 1919 and seems not to have had children. She died in Nottingham.

Richard Cammish Overy WILLIS was a grandson of Charles OVERY who overwintered in the Arctic aboard Diana. His connection to Joan Constance PASHBY is not yet fully realised on the Shared Tree but here they are in mayoral regalia on the Ebenezer steps.

1969, Joan and Dick, photographer unknown, courtesy of Ann Willis

Joseph TRAVIS may never have set foot in Filey but his daughter married into the CLAY family of Rastrick and some of their descendants made a significant contribution to the seaside town’s cultural and social life.

With the assistance of yeoman farmer Jackson PARKINSON, Frances FRANK brought ten children into the world between 1817 and 1836. All were born and baptised in Filey but their lives may have been short. Frances was only 53 when she died.

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