A Happy Hundredth Birthday?

I didn’t have a birthday person on my list today so checked Filey Genealogy & Connections to see if I had missed anyone. I can’t remember when the last list was drawn up but the hundred-year qualification date has moved on just enough to bring William Kenneth BRADSHAW into play. I haven’t been able to confirm that he is no longer with us and hope he has received a telegram from the King. (Benjamin Harrison Bradshaw [LB39-5WQ], his father, was ninety when he died in 1984.)

William Kenneth had just turned seventeen when the 1939 Register was taken. He was “a “horseman assisting his father, unpaid” at Manor Farm, Reighton.

Mary COATES was baptised at Filey St Oswald’s. I am fairly sure her parents were Henry and Jane MEGGINSON but she looks a bit uncomfortable on the Shared Tree with a middle name beginning with ‘J’ and more siblings than FG&C has provided for her.

Her mother Jane signed the marriage register “Megginson” and that’s the maiden surname I put into the GRO Births search box (highlighting “similar sounding variation”). Mary (Dec 1859), John Richard (Dec 1865) and Elizabeth Ann (Dec 1869) seem to belong to Jane Megginson. The others in the screenshot above were perhaps born to other mothers.

The sources attached to “just Mary”, showing her marrying John Skelton and emigrating to the United States, look right. Perhaps the legacy sources with Mary J should be attached to someone else. I haven’t been able to check but I think Jane died in 1870. Henry perhaps died about ten years later in England – or maybe he emigrated to North America with his daughter and her young family.

(I will add an anniversary grid as an update later. I have caught an autumn respiratory infection that is much worse than the coof.)

Insect 53 · Garden Spider

Google Alt-Text: A picture containing arthropod, invertebrate, acarine

(Identified in Insects of Britain & Western Europe, Michael Chinery)

Update 16 October 2022

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