One Mistake After Another

Filey Genealogy & Connections considered three candidates before deciding William Robert ALDRED was the likely father of Rachel Carina. William, born this day in 1864 in Ainsworth, Lancashire, supposedly welcomed his daughter’s arrival 42 years later in South Shields. Rachel married coal merchant George GAGE at Filey St Oswald’s and the oldest of their six sons is now in his eighties, so I hope all may still be with us. Alas, they have the wrong maternal grandparents on FG&C.

The Shared Tree appears to be more trustworthy in this instance.

There were six other people on today’s birthday list – two who have made an anniversary appearance already, twin boys who didn’t want to hang around, and a couple of “strangers” who I couldn’t easily track down.

So I was left with “wrong William”.  Once a Genealogy is uploaded to FamilySearch its contents cannot be changed. I can only make corrections on my RootsMagic version of the “community tree”, and if descendants of “right William” pass this way, I hope they will be encouraged to update the Shared Tree when Rachel and George’s sons have moved on to the next world.

John BRUMPTON baptised on this day was married by FG&C to Eliza SOWERSBY. I checked the St Oswald’s register and discovered his parents to be John and Rachel née HUTCHINSON, not William and Mary who farmed at Mount Pleasant, Muston. Mary was born a Hutchinson too and although thirteen years older than Rachel they could be sisters (Neither FG&C nor the Shared Tree is complete enough to show their relationship. Confirmation that the Brumpton boys are closely related will have to wait.)

John NICHOLSON and Mary WILLIS have low profiles on the Shared Tree. They married at Filey St Oswald’s in 1812 and FG&C gives them a son the following year. John Willis Nicholson reached adulthood and married James CARR in his early forties but died in 1858 – the same year as his son John Willis junior. I haven’t been able to confirm these few details but it seems this short Nicholson line ends here.

Fisherman Abraham SANDERSON drowned from Happy Return on this day in 1854 – or in Scarborough in 1875 before his first birthday.

For some information about Arthur Travis CLAY and his wife Edith see The Clays of Rastrick.

Landscape 163 · Arndale

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