Abstract 108 · Filey Promenade

Google Alt Text: A picture containing colourful, old, fabric, painting

William Taylor, born in Union Street, Filey, is an older brother of Henry Waller DIXON (AP 1016 · death · 15 June). Their father, Henry Waller senior, was a draper and after leaving school, William became a motor mechanic. He married Mary Camilla BOWES in Auckland, County Durham, in 1931. They had a daughter, Ann Taylor, in 1938 but the child lived for only eight months. In September 1939, William and Mary were living at 5 Carlton Road. Mary’s widowed mother Jane Ann was with them when the census was taken but she died the following year in County Durham. William’s death was registered in Thirsk and Mary Camilla’s in Richmond in 1987. William had seven siblings but only Henry Waller junior has a foothold on the Shared Tree.

Filey Genealogy & Connections says that Albert Jennings WEIGHELL was born at 71 Lord Nelson Street, Tyne Dock, South Shields. A month later Albert was in Filey, being baptised at the Wesleyan chapel. His parents’ marriage the previous year had been registered in Scarborough and I discovered that James was Pickering-born and Ellen was from Rothwell Haigh in Leeds. A Filey connection has yet to be revealed. Albert was a plumber’s apprentice at age 15 and a tramway engine driver ten years later. I lost track of him in 1901.

Ann TATE married twice and both husbands had a railway connection. Robert KILLINGBECK is the son of John, killed by an express train (AP 543 · death · 31 March). John Hartas LAWSON was the stationmaster at Gristhorpe when he married Ann at Filey St Oswald’s in 1889. Poor John celebrated only one wedding anniversary. I tried to find out more about him a while back – see The Elusive John Hartas Lawson.

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