Mister Wrong

Elizabeth MILLER was the daughter of a Whitby ship’s carpenter and was just 21 years old when she married Henry ASCOUGH at Filey St Oswald’s in 1850. When the census enumerator called at 25 Queen Street six months later, he found Mrs Ascough lodging with the LIGHTFOOT family. Some thirty miles to the south, another enumerator listed Mr Ascough with other prisoners at the Beverley House of Correction. It appears the authorities failed to correct Henry. Towards the end of 1853 in Scarborough, he was found guilty of stealing one penny of the monies, goods and chattels of John WHELDON and sentenced to a year in prison. I was unable to discover how this sad story ended. I can’t even be sure if it is true. Sources are few and don’t fit perfectly but this offers a solid start…

George William CRANE was born in Peterborough, the son of John Valentine and Eliza MARKLEY. I have a note that he came to Filey with the Hunts Cyclists at the beginning of the Great War but his name doesn’t appear on the website of “The Gaspipe Cavalry”. Wherever he served, he survived and married a Filey woman, Everelda (variant spellings) Mary KILLINGBECK, third daughter of Robert Tate (AP 802 · death · 12 May) and Christiana SELLERS. George reached the age of eighty and Everelda almost made it to a century.

Fisherman Francis SHAW married Mary MAINPRIZE of Flamborough at Filey St Oswald’s in 1860. Mary junior was their third daughter, baptised at the “old” Primitive Methodist chapel, but it seems that only a younger brother, Leonard, has been given a place on the Shared Tree. He was the first of four sons born in Bridlington after the family moved a dozen miles south from Filey. In 1881, Mary was with her parents and seven siblings at 16 Neptune Street, Hilderthorpe.

She married fisherman William Proctor BROADBENT in 1887 and bore him eleven children (maybe more). William died at the end of 1940.

Mary’s death was registered in the June Quarter of 1952.

Frederick Robert FUTTY was a Scarborian, the son of William and Clara Ann née DANIEL, and he married Mary Jane COWLING at Filey St Oswald’s in 1936. He worked as a joiner.

Janet May Glanville SOUTHWELL was the first of five girls born to Harry Glanville and Beatrice Helen NOVELLI. Her life was short but she is remembered on a headstone in Filey churchyard. There is a photograph of the stone in a post about the family – Beatrice Novelli.

Beach 180 · Muston Sands

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