Mary HARLAND is the older sister of Emily Jane (AP 295 · birth · 19 February). Editha WOODCOCK, their paternal grandmother, is also an anniversary person (AP 102 · burial · 17 January). Two years separated the girls at birth and twenty years (of age) when they died. Today is the anniversary of their deaths, Mary in 1888 and Emily Jane in 1910. Mary is still not married on the Shared Tree and neither has been “killed off”.

Everton churchyard

When Robert SMITH married Zillah Agar SUGGIT at St Mary’s in Scarborough, he told the clerk he was 39 years old. I think he was two or three years older than that. Zillah said she was twenty-two. They had nine children, the first four born at 607 acre Howe Farm near Hunmanby, and the others at Church Cliff Farm in Filey (1,000 acres in 1881).

Church Cliff Farm, photographer unknown, no date, courtesy of the Smith family via Kath Gomersall

A while ago, I posted a photo of the four Smith girls. I was amused today to see that two sisters had married each other.

See The Smiths#2 for a glimpse of the other two sisters.

Sunrise 63 · Coble Landing

A great storm blew up on this date in 1880 and began taking the lives of fishermen and sailors. More died the following day. Some bodies were not recovered so whether the men drowned on the 28th or 29th is not known for certain. I have written about the Great Storm before but will attempt to compile an inventory of Filey’s losses tomorrow.

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