Sand 49  · Filey Sands

Harriet was the middle child of seven born in Filey to Thomas “Dutch Clock” COWLING and Mary CHAPMAN. At 27 days, she was baptised at the Ebenezer and at 27 years she married  John William HOLT at St Oswald’s. The couple chose to cross the Humber and settle in John’s hometown, Grimsby. He worked as a wood sawyer and all the census enumerators who called between 1901 and 1939 found them at 50 Ladysmith Road. Their daughter Annie was with them in 1911, aged five, but not in 1921 or 1939.

50 Ladysmith Road (left), Google Street View

Harriet died in 1967 aged 91 and John the following year aged 94.

Jane BAYES was baptised at Filey St Oswald’s and married Daniel DEIGHTON there twenty-five years later. They had five children and the family is well represented on the Shared Tree. There is a curious comment on Filey Genealogy & Connections that Daniel was “responsible for the 200,000 bricks that went into building the Ebenezer Chapel on Union Street Filey.” The order for the bricks seems to have been made in 1867 and the Chapel’s opening ceremony took place in the summer of 1871 when Daniel was labouring for farmer James BULMER. But Daniel was making bricks in 1881 according to the census that year.

Jane and Daniel are buried in Filey churchyard but there isn’t a stone marking their grave(s).

Married couple William “Billy” GUINN and Violet May SCALES.

Row 10 | 1918 Guinn F120 | Granite

Treasured memories of a loving husband and father, WILLIAM GUINN, died 11th Nov 1961, aged 64 years.

‘Peace after much suffering’

Also, his beloved wife VIOLET MAY GUINN, died 3rd Jan 1981, aged 80 years.

Dawson Brown MOWTHORPE was born in Hunmanby but married Elizabeth HUGILL, a Filey woman. John Thomas, their first child, was born in the town and baptised at the old Primitive Methodist chapel. Dawson is a first cousin twice removed of Hunmanby writer and local historian Herbert Cecil “Ces” Mowthorpe (1928-2008).

Graves bounded by a stone kerb are difficult to keep tidy. The “double” grave of John Thomas COULTAS, his wife Sarah RICHARDSON, two infant children, and Sarah’s sister Elizabeth is one such.

Row 37 | 732 Coultas G591 | Kerb

THOMAS COULTAS died 3rd Nov 1912.

SARAH his wife died 30th April 1940.

ELIZABETH her sister died 8th Nov 1918.

Also 2 children died in infancy.

‘Memories’ ‘Reunited’

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