This was the middle name given to Harold MOSEY, though his father wrote “Fasnet” on the 1911 census form. Harold is the grandnephew of John who drowned in the River Thames at the age of nineteen. (See Who is Mr Reed?). Harold had better fortune when surrounded by water.

Emma Mosey née HURST, a sea captain’s wife approaching her fortieth year, gave birth to Harold as the barque Mercia ploughed through the waves off the southern coast of Ireland.

Harold married Norah HOPWOOD at the Primitive Methodist Chapel in Scarborough in 1919. They had a daughter in 1928 who they named Mercia Caroline Cole Mosey. In 1939 Harold and Norah were living in Paignton, Devon, working together in their bakery and confectionary business – while Norah’s older sister Ethel undertook the domestic duties.

(The value of Harold’s effects today would be about £15,000.)

Leonora, the seventh and last child of William Bulmer COLLEY and Maria MARLOW, was baptised privately in Filey (Church of England). The family lived in Rutland Street in 1911 but then moved to Leeds. Leonora married David PERKINS in the city in 1933 but I lost track of them thereafter.

Cecil POTTS fell in love with Sarah when, as a music teacher in his late twenties, he boarded with line fisherman William FREEMAN at 15 Union Street, Filey. The couple married in late 1911 when the character posing as Cecil on the Shared Tree had just started school in Leeds.

Cecil and Sarah’s first child, Margaret Brenda, is an “anniversary person” (AP 1694 · birth · 5 October). A son was born in 1918 but Freeman Routledge lived for only 19 months. The kerb around the grave of the parents reads –

CECIL POTTS August 1937 and SARAH “DA” his wife, July 1958.

‘Sadly missed’

Row 30 631 Potts G505 Kerb (not photographed)

See The Langleecrag Cousins for information about William Cammish COLLING.

Elizabeth Sarah Gannon is a cousin of the wife of “Bill Bullocky” who survived the wreck of the Langleecrag.

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