A Vicar’s Wife

988 Tiffin C40

DOROTHY TIFFIN, Nov 10th 1846

John and Maisie Crimlisk were able to discern some of the words in the verse. My copy of their typescript looks like this –

‘                       thy dead men shall

                        live together with

                        my dead body               shall

                        they                             awake


                        I will                            for



In 2014, the East Yorkshire Family History Society saw this

“Thy daughter shall/live………..with/………shall/ rest eroded

Dorothy ROLLESTON had been a widow for less than two years when she took her last breath in Filey. Her husband, the Reverend William TIFFIN, had died in Beeford aged 68 in early December 1844. Neither of them was born in Yorkshire according to the 1841 census. They had married in Greasley, Nottinghamshire, in 1819. A young clerk, William Rolleston, 25, was with them at Beeford Rectory on census night. He was perhaps Dorothy’s nephew. The Reverend John Rolleston was the executor of her will. One source indicates that she left behind the tidy sum of £600, worth around £60,000 today. Saving souls was profitable then, just as destroying them is now.

Row 4 | 1795 Horsfield F45 | Granite

Herbert wrote regular “nature notes” for The Yorkshire Post and published a book on British Birds that you may be able to find online and download at no cost. His daughter Ada Dorothy was headmistress at the Bluebird School (AP 137 · death · 23 January).

Path 185 · Sand Hill Lane

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