One of Many

The body of one sailor was recovered from the sea near Gristhorpe Wyke and buried at Filey St Oswald’s in an unmarked grave. The Reverend Arthur Nevile Cooper knew his name and age but not his nationality.

He is TROBAK in Filey Genealogy & Connections and the Shared Tree has plenty of them  – but none called Ludwig. It seems to be a Norwegian family name and Ludwig goes well with it. (A preference for TREBAK will take you to another part of Europe with less ready access to the sea.) Christiania on the burial register was the capital of Norway and the home port of the vessel from which Ludwig was lost. Something else the vicar knew.

Edith BENTLEY was twenty days old when she was baptised by a Wesleyan minister at her parents’ home. When she was nine months old her father died. At fourteen months, her younger brother George made the briefest of appearances and not long after her second birthday her older brother William died aged three.

Row 7 | 1175 Bentley D87

In memory of GEORGE BENTLEY, the beloved husband of ELLEN BENTLEY, who died Aug 2nd 1870 aged 24 years.

Also, two sons of the above, WILLIAM died Jan 25th 1872, aged 3 years, GEORGE died Jan 8th 1871, infant.

Crimlisk Survey 1977

I have not been able to discover the cause of George’s early death. Ellen and Edith “disappear” and may be challenging to locate because Ellen (or Mary Ellen) perhaps married again. Edith also had an older sister Annie, registered as Annie Bentley AGAR in the June Quarter of 1866. She is with widow Mary Ellen, William Agar and Edith in Mosey’s Yard, Filey, when the enumerator called in 1871.

Stone 32 · Martin’s Ravine

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