What the Dickins?

Birthday girl today was to have been Edith Alice Milner DICKENS. She appears in Filey Genealogy & Connections, looking rather suspicious.

She has the right dates and has been given in marriage to Wallace CAPPLEMAN, a previous Anniversary Person (AP 1700 · birth · 6 October). There is no sign of “Milner” on the Shared Tree…

… and Edith has a different birth year. Her Shared Tree parents are Charles DICKINS and Catherine Ann HUNSLEY. The GRO Index offers its support – but note the birth year AND its Quarter.

From memory, I think people were allowed six weeks in which to register the birth of a child. Edith’s parents took their time to register and waited almost three years before arranging her baptism.

What about little Miss Edith Alice Milner?

Rose COWTON was brought to the Ebenezer Chapel font when only sixteen days old. She married farm waggoner John Davison JEFFERSON at Folkton Church on 28 March 1921. Her death was recorded in the first quarter of 1971 and John’s in the second.

John’s father is on the Shared Tree [L287-RZ7] with his second wife Sabina STEPHENSON. He married John’s mother Jane Elizabeth DAVISON in 1895 when she was 27 years old. The Shared Tree has married her to a man twice her age, in Ontario, Canada.

John HUBBARD has 12 sources on the Shared Tree. He has married Mary JENKINSON but the eleven children they have on Filey Genealogy & Connections are not yet allocated to them. One of John’s sources is the 1861 census where two children are listed. FG&C has failed to record firstborn Elizabeth, who may have to be listed with others who died as infants. Mother Mary died a month after her twelfth child Jane was baptised. John lived long enough to see one of his daughters marry.

An impostor has taken Sarah SHARP’s place on the Shared Tree.

Sarah is remembered on a headstone in Filey Churchyard.

Two Joshua Trees?

| | PATH Row 8 |1200 Fountain D95

In loving memory of our dear sister SARAH ANN, the beloved wife of JOSHUA FOUNTAIN, who died Nov 23 1910, aged 79 years

‘Thy Will be Done.’

Also of the above JOSHUA FOUNTAIN, who died Jan 20 1923, aged 86 years.


Crimlisk Survey 1977

For more on Sarah Ann JACKSON see Two Pubs and a Fountain. “Our dear sister” in the headstone transcription can perhaps be explained by the presence of Lucy Jackson at Foord’s Hotel on census night 1911. She is Sarah Ann’s unmarried sister and may have been helping out there for several years.

There remains the mystery of the Joshua Fountain who married Sarah Ann WHEATLEY in Nottingham in 1875, less than a year before “our Joshua” married Sarah Ann Jackson.

Sky 32 · King Sol

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