A Milkman’s Daughter

Today’s list of birthday celebrants was short and I had to go a few miles to Flixton/Folkton to meet Sarah Ann BLAND. Her father James William was a Scarborian who married Alice Jane FORDAN at St Mary’s in April 1892. Edith was born in Scarborough but the next two children, Sarah Ann and George William took their first breaths in their mother’s home village of Flixton. On census night 1901, they were sheltering an additional family member, brother-in-law Harry RAPER. Harry had married a sister of James and worked as a groom.

This was the last England census to record this Bland family. In 1910, with the addition of James junior born in 1902 (in Flixton probably), they were 3,000 miles away in Connecticut. It seems that Tamar Fordan, Alice’s older sister, had blazed the trail before the new century began. The milkman and his wife followed after the birth of young James but did not take Sarah Ann with them. At the age of fourteen, she sailed to America on her own aboard Lucania. A record shows that her uncle John PINKNEY witnessed her safe departure from Liverpool and her father greeted her at Ellis Island. (Uncle John had married Mary Ann, another older sister of Alice.)

Sarah Ann was absent from the family home when the 1910 census was taken. The Shared Tree, bless it, shows that she hadn’t died. She married a PASSERINE – no details of his specie offered – but there is a photo of her headstone on Find a Grave.

As I write this, Harry HUTCHINSON is all alone on the Shared Tree. His father, Tom, a bricklayer born in Langtoft, has no forebears on Filey Genealogy &Connections and his mother doesn’t have many – but she does possess a FamilySearch ID [G716-359] and two of her Blue Hints marry her to Tom. Harry appears to have lived his life on the ocean wave. The inscription on his well-kept grave’s kerb in Filey churchyard reads ‘HARRY HUTCHINSON R.N. died 1st November 1968 aged 59 years’. My placeholder image shows just part of it. Two of four people remembered on flat stones are Mary Hutchinson (1917-2001) and her husband Reginald John MORGAN F.C.A. (1911-1983).

The grave is a few yards from the door Harry passed through in 1908 on his way to the font.

Thomas BUCKLE and Elizabeth FOWLER married at St Oswald’s Filey, but their lives began in Seamer and Harwood Dale respectively. They both appear more than once on the Shared Tree. In 1851, they had three children with them at Irton Moor Cottage, and two more may have died earlier.

Thomas Arnold MORLEY was born in Sheffield but married Vivienne CORSBY at St Oswald’s in 1935. At the outbreak of war in 1939, he was living on The Crescent in Filey, employed as a wood machinist. He joined the Royal Engineers and died while on active service at Stow on the Wold, Gloucestershire. His body was brought to Filey for burial.

Cecil PEARSON was born in Filey and married  Kathleen Marion TAYLOR at St Oswald’s in April 1942. He worked as a motor mechanic and was living on Rutland Street at the time of his death.

Found Object 75 · On the Beach

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