Measure of Man 89 · Sea Wall

Mary Jane WATKINSON was Dennison IRELAND’s second wife. He married Sarah HARRISON at Sherburn near Scarborough in September 1882 but she died not long after the birth of their son Herbert James. Dennison waited four years before remarrying and I have a record of only one child born to him and Mary Jane. We will have to wait for the couple to be married on the Shared Tree. (A Blue Hint on Mary’s record points the way.)

In 1939, William Donald ATKIN was hotel manager at the Three Tuns in Murray Street when Agnes DIXON was the licensee. After his death over forty years later a small stone noting his passing was placed on Agnes’s grave. Partially hidden now, the EYFHS Survey gives the transcription –

WILLIAM DONALD ATKIN, died 1st December 1984, much loved and devoted husband of WINNIE and dear father of CHRISTOPHER.

Winnie’s stone is adjacent.

Winifred May is the younger sister of Davina Whitby née THOMSON whose stone was pictured yesterday and is next to Winifred’s.

Thomas Hanfield RUSSELL’s grave is a “kerb type” that is almost impossible to keep tidy. Below is a placeholder photo where it looks rather desolate between two standing stones.

Row 25 | 536 Russell G416 | Granite kerb

In memory of THOMAS H. RUSSELL, fell asleep Nov 28th 1922, aged 65.

HANNAH, beloved wife, May 22nd 1935, aged 83.

WILLIAM MASON, eldest son, Feb 12th 1920, aged 33.

‘At rest’

Crimlisk Survey 1977

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