Abstract 111 · Hunmanby Sands

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Alexander McPHERSON was born in Reighton to Thomas and Helena née BOWMAN. In 1871 there were six McPherson children living with their parents in King Street, Filey and one, Edwin, who made a brief appearance here a while back (AP 816 · birth · 15 May). Alexander was “the youngest son…working as a barman” in 1881. He was working as a barman ten years later but had given up Hope Street’s Imps for a pub in Hilderthorpe – and he had a wife and two little mouths to feed. He is not yet a husband and father on the Shared Tree.

The dead body of Mr Alexander McPherson, the Crescent, Bridlington, was recovered from the sea near the North Pier this morning. He was about 55 years old.

Yorkshire Evening Post, 25 September 1919

I chose Annie Maria HALLIDAY because I thought she would be a challenge. I wasn’t wrong. Baptised at Filey St Oswald’s, her father John’s occupation in the register is Station Master and his abode “Ryston”. There is such a village in Norfolk but that’s a long way from Filey. I think I made all the obvious searches but came up with nothing. Find my Past hints were unproductive and FamilySearch sources made my heart skip a beat once or twice but brought no reward. Curiously, I happened upon Ann Halliday in Filey, 61, a single woman in 1891, working as a stationer.

John SAYERS and Bothia BEAN married at St Oswald’s and all seven of their children were born in Filey. The Shared Tree calls her “Bethia” but she has another half-dozen variants so what does it matter? John was a fisherman and did well to reach the age of 63. He left Bothia a couple of decades as a widow. She lived longer than most of her children.

Without the addition of his mother’s birth family name, Major MAJOR might have been mercilessly ribbed throughout his life. His GRO Index birth registration is rather comical…

Major was a fisherman and he is buried in the churchyard at Flamborough St Oswald’s. He had two children with Elizabeth Jenkinson MAINPRIZE and their family home in North Place was her last address when she died, almost twenty years after she was widowed.

Nathaniel ROW seems to have been misremembered on a flat tombstone in Filey churchyard.

Row 1 | 92 Row G6 | Flat stone

Here lies the body of ROBT., the son of ROBT. and ANN ROW, who departed this life the 25th day of January 1770, aged 67.

(Illegible verse)

Also near this stone lieth the body of FRANCIS ROW, Master Mariner, son of the above ROBERT ROW, who departed this life March 4th 1791, aged 33 years

Also are deposited near this stone the remains of WILLIAM ROW, Master Mariner, son of the above named ROBERT ROW. He departed this life on November 27th 1799 aged 36 years.

(Illegible verse)

Crimlisk Survey 1977

Nathaniel ROW departed his life five days after William at an age that almost fits his Blue Hint baptism (as Nathaniel Roe) on 15 March 1761. (Another source gives 15 Mar 1762.)

Inside St Oswald’s Church, there is a memorial inscription against the west wall of the south transept that reads –

Near this place lies the body of Nathaniel Leake, who departed this life the 19th of January,

1774, aged 69 years.

Also, Rachel his wife, died 23rd of February, 1784, aged 81 years.

Rachel, their daughter, died in her minority.

Francis, their son, died at South Shields, the 16th of January, 1766, aged 40 years.

And Edward, their son, Master Mariner, departed this life the 17th of July, 1788, aged 56 years.

His life tho’ short he laboured to improve

In trade, in virtue, and in social love;

His heart was good, religiously inclined;

His temper sweet, benevolent and kind;

His manners open, generous and free;

He was a man, such as a man could be.

This stone was erected by Nathaniel Row, nephew to the above Edward Leake.

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