Hot and Cold

Winter arrives in the UK on Wednesday and having been blessed with a warm autumn…

The meteorological year just ended was hot.

The mean average temperature at Durham Tees weather station in 2021/22 was 11.29°C. Meaningless? Well, the average mean temperature for the previous four years was 9.91°C. The difference of 1.4 degrees sits uncomfortably with the IPCC’s Paris desire in 2017 that the average global temperature doesn’t rise higher than 1.5 degrees above pre-industrial levels. The battle to achieve this goal (by lowering the amount of a trace gas in the atmosphere) was to be waged until 2040. And as the global temperature was guessed to be one degree above P-I at the end of 2017 the steady “allowance” to 2040 would be 0.02174°C per annum. The Durham Tees rise in 2022 is not to be sneezed at.

There is some good news. Durham Tees is hotter than any of the other ten stations I monitor at Weather Underground. When I find the time, I will post their 2022 graphs.

Lily Maria PASHBY is the only birthday celebrant on the list today and I must go with her, even though a death registration source says she was born on 6 December! Filey Genealogy & Connections only takes her to the birth of the son she had with Thomas Frank SUTTLE in 1925. She has a good run of Pashby forebears – to the marriage of Thomas and Elizabeth at Catwick (possibly) in 1741. Her father Matthew Shaw Pashby [GXH3-1YB] has yet to marry on the Shared Tree.

FG&C and the Shared Tree agree that Richard Frank HALL’s mother was Emma WILSON. Both are wrong. Richard Hall senior had twelve children with Emma and her maiden surname in the GRO Index for all of them is BIELBY. Emma Bielby, born in Yedingham in 1856 (marriage source), was illegitimate. At the age of fourteen, she was living in Falsgrave with her grandfather Joseph MILOW. She gave her first child the middle name “Milow”. She was only twenty and single when she married Richard. Emma Wilson is the wife of someone else.

Sarah ARNOLD may have lived all her life in Drax but she married a KILLINGBECK and is the grandmother of John of that ilk who was killed by an Express Train in Filey (AP 543 · death · 31 March).

Row 1 | 77 Catchpole G12 | Granite

In loving memory of a dear wife and mother, LOUISA CATCHPOLE, who passed away 1st December 1953, aged 77 years.

‘Until the day breaks and the

shadows flee away’

Also of JASPER LEONIDAS CATCHPOLE, died 1st March 1966, aged 76 years.

Crimlisk Survey 1977

Abstract 112 · Queen Street

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