A Poisoner is Born

Edward William PRITCHARD has been made more presentable on the Shared Tree since I last looked. Half a dozen duplicate IDs have been merged and photographic portraits added – but his birth in 1825 denies his unfortunate arrival on the planet on this day in 1824. Wikipedia says he was born on 6 December 1825. I have his baptism eleven months earlier than that at St Mary’s, Portsea. Hmm. Who cares? (This blog has five previous posts featuring the murderer so I must have cared a lot, back in the day. Perhaps start with Edward the Confessor if you are interested.)

William Arthur BECK followed his father into the serious business of playing golf. I think his dad first played in the British Open in 1903. Harry VARDON won that year and I have a vague memory that Alfred Ward Beck was paired with the great man on one occasion – or maybe it was with another famous golfer. Alfred played in the Open a number of times but I don’t think he ever made the cut. William Arthur was a Pro at Filey but only gets a brief mention in his older brother Freddie’s Wikipedia entry. William Arthur, aged about 44, maybe one of the Filey Club golfers in the photograph below.

1952, photographer unknown, courtesy of Joanne Cammish

The wedding of Frederick GRAY and Margaret Ann SLAUGHTER took place at St Oswald’s. The Shared Tree shows them with ten children but not the spouses of five that married.

Sarah Ann JOHNSON married Richardson Avery Johnson, her second cousin (common ancestors Thomas Johnson and Mary ROSS). FG&C notes that Richardson went by “Dicko”.

Row 8 | 205 Johnson G136 | Granite

In loving memory of a dear husband and father, RICHARDSON A. JOHNSON, died 20th Oct 1951, aged 70

Also, SARAH ANN his wife, died 2nd Dec 1954, aged 71.

‘Reunited. Peace perfect peace’

Crimlisk Survey 1977

More on Durham Tees Warming

Calculation of temperature above pre-industrial is based on the average of ten years of daily means (meteorological years 2008-17) and then subtracting the one-degree centigrade that the IPCC guesses the GLOBE has warmed since the Industrial Revolution began. This baseline pre-industrial figure is obviously different for each of the weather stations monitored – and all weather stations will be warmer or colder than the global average (or in rare instances equal to it).

The Paris “target” of keeping the global rise below 1.5°C is applied to all stations, as is the “steady rise” from one degree in November 2017 to 1.5 in November 2040. In 2022 this notional rise went from 1.09 to 1.11°C.  

The chart above clearly shows that the observed four-year increase in Durham Tees (2018 to 2021) closely tracked the notional rise in three of the four seasons. This should bring some comfort that 2022 may prove to be a “one-off”. It is interesting to note that recent winters here have been unusually warm – until 2022 when spring through autumn bucked the trend. (Each seasonal mean is calculated separately – they are not end-of-season figures in a “run” from 1 Dec to 30 November.)

Abstract 113 · Sandscape

Google Alt Text: A close-up of a skin

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