Landscape 166 · To the Beach

Martin’s Ravine to Muston Sands

Sarah Ann Newton RUDD was born in Filey and baptised at the Ebenezer four days before Christmas. Her sister Esther made a brief appearance here in May (AP 792 · birth · 11 May). Sarah married William Henry BUCKETT in 1897 but they have only one child on the Shared Tree. They brought five children into the world before the 1911 census, losing Harry Arthur in 1910, not long before his first birthday. Three more children were born in the next decade but Edith May died in 1918 aged 2. On his 1921 census form, William gave his occupation as “Fireman (sea)” but said he was “out of employment”. He also noted that Jessie Mary, 15, was an invalid. He died two years later aged 50 according to the GRO Index death registration, but he had claimed to be fifty years and one month old on the 1921 census form. I don’t know how many grandchildren kept Sarah busy in her fourteen years as a widow.

Catherine Elizabeth HILLMAN was eight years old when she was baptised at Filey St Oswald’s. Her young brother Thomas Walter, aged one, was baptised with her and both had been born in Devon, 350 miles away. There is a ready explanation. Their father John William was a coastguard, recently posted to Filey and on census night 1881 the family was living at Cliff Top, overlooking the Bay. Ten years later, Catherine and Thomas were back in Devon with their mother and a younger sister Rosanna, born and baptised in Plymouth in 1883 – so the family hadn’t stayed on the Yorkshire coast for long. Their father was not with them on census night. A Find my Past member’s tree indicates he died later that year.

Catherine married George Henry HALLIDAY in Stoke Damerel towards the end of 1891 and they had eleven children together. I haven’t found any of them on the Shared Tree yet.

Herman WRIGHT was sixty-two when he married Emma STRINGER at St Oswald’s. He began his working life as a labourer at a West Riding colliery but had enough about him to be a pit foreman by the age of 35. He married Martha BOOL in 1891. They had three children and after the birth of Arnold in Rawmarsh in 1903, they moved to Filey, where Herman made ends meet as a bathing machine proprietor and coal merchant! This curious combination seems not to have suited him and in 1921 he was dealing in sweets and tobacco on his own account. They were then living in Church Street and Martha died from No. 17 in 1924.

Row 1 | 1735 Wright E9

In loving memory of MARTHA, the beloved wife of HERMAN WRIGHT born Aug 9 1868, died March 12 1925

Also of HERMAN, the beloved husband of EMMA WRIGHT, born May 14 1865 died Nov 16 1932

‘At Rest’

Crimlisk Survey 1977

For William STORY see Balaclava.

And for James HAWORTH, Useful Middle Names.

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