A Minor Confusion

Born in Gristhorpe to farm labourer Tom PICKERING and Mary Jane MALTBY, her first name was “difficult to decipher” in the Ebenezer baptism record noted in Filey Genealogy & Connections. Eva was preferred over Ena. Her grandfather is an anniversary person (AP 396 · burial · 7 March) so I checked to see if the wee girl had been mentioned. I was amused to discover I had found that doing five anniversaries a day was too much for me back then, and there was nothing on Thomas Maltby. (Even though I’m currently running a day late – blame the World Cup – I reckon I have done well to keep going this deep into the year. I’m feeling the first tremors of demob happiness though. This anniversary business gets the chop on the last day of 2022.)

It is a surprise to see Bridlington as the Registration District. But wait…

The same Volume and Page numbers in different districts for “the two girls”.

Hilda Mary Pickering has a FamilySearch ID [GNCL-3PY] and seems to have been an only child.

Row 28 | 1537 Skelton D327

In loving memory of SARAH, the faithful wife of WILLIAM RICHARD SKELTON, died Dec 6 1920, aged 59 years.

‘It is sweet to know we meet again

Where partings are no more

And that the one we loved so well

Has only gone before’

Also of the above WILLIAM RICHARD SKELTON, died Nov 12 1939, aged 81 years.

Also, WILLIAM RICHARD SKELTON (10th East Yorks Regt.), the dear son of the above, who was killed in action in France, Sep 22 1916, aged 21 years.

‘He sleeps not in our native land

But neath a foreign sky

Far from those who loved him dear

In a hero’s grave he lies.

Hold him in Thy arms oh Lord

And ever let him be

A messenger of love between

Our aching hearts and Thee.’

Also, two children who died in infancy.

Crimlisk Survey 1977

John William COWLING and Jane Alice ANNIS were married for 128 days. Bringing Jane into Focus offers an explanation.

Seaman William Irish CAMMISH lost his life while serving in the Royal Naval Patrol Service aboard HMT Phineas Beard. The vessel, a trawler requisitioned by the Admiralty and converted to carry out minesweeping duties, was sunk off the east coast of Scotland by German aircraft. All twelve of the crew were killed (see Wreck Site).

Filey Genealogy & Connections and the Shared Tree agree that Ellen UNTHANK married John COWLING in Scarborough on 24 November 1834 but the latter resource doesn’t give any indication of their ages. FG&C seems sure that John was baptised at St Oswald’s on 30 August 1812 but is uncertain about Ellen’s birth in Hinderwell twelve years earlier. The couple is childless on the Shared Tree but FG&C has given them a daughter who died in infancy and two sons who married. The younger boy, John Cowling junior was born in 1842 and his mother died in December of that year. There are a couple of issues with this information.

There is a Scarborough death registration for Ellen Cowling in December 1842 (age at death 42) but the St Oswald’s burial register on 8 December gives her first name as Eleanor. And there is this birth registration for John junior (maybe) –

Path 186 · Long Lane

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