Flight of Fancy 58 · Erratic Faces

Google Alt Text: a close-up of a person’s eye

I turned the camera while photographing the large boulder at Bridge Hole. I wasn’t surprised to see faces. My count is five.

Kath notes on Filey Genealogy & Connections –

All the Gedge’s have the same Christian names as the Gage’s, come from the same places and were all born at the same time. I rather think that the Gedge’s are the Gage’s!

Samuel is head of the family GADGE in 1891 so care has to be taken. It is not plain sailing with Samuel’s wife. The GRO Index entry for daughter Mary Jane gives her maiden surname as BEARS.

Filey Genealogy & Connections has chosen to welcome Samuel to the vale of tears on this day in 1825. There is a record of his baptism, as a Gedge, two days later at a Norfolk parish church – alas, the name of the parish is illegible. There are quite a few Gedges and Gages in Norfolk so our birthday boy with parents Robert and Hannah may not be the young man who made his way to Filey. However, in 1861 the enumerator found him in Spring Row and working as a fisherman. He had a newborn daughter and a two-year-old stepson called John BAYS. This should have made it easy to find a source for his marriage but it didn’t. In 1871 John had taken the Gedge name.

More searching introduced me to other men of Norfolk called Gedge who may well have been Samuel’s brothers. Ten years after Samuel’s death, George of Yarmouth, a general dealer aged 70, was living on Church Street. He was a widower and his wife Martha had been buried three years earlier in Filey churchyard. She is the only Gedge remembered there. My RootsMagic database reports that George and Samuel are not related by blood. The probable connection has yet to be established!

Harold Clayton Metcalfe was baptised at St Oswald’s at the age of 39, along with his daughter Doris Kathleen, 15, and son Lemuel Clayton, 10. All three were born in Halifax and Harold, at least, died here in Filey.

Row 19 | 2042 Metcalfe E157 | Granite kerb


Crimlisk Survey 1977

The FamilySearch ID on the grid is surely his but he is shown with his wife “Plow Annie METCALFE” and their daughter “Doris Constance”. Blue Hints will direct you along a better path.

John Middleton TROWSDALE made his way south from Sunderland to marry Alice Ann, twin sister of the ill-fated George Featherstone BAXTER (AP 401 · death · 8 March).

Mary Augusta Ridgway BRIDSON died in Isleworth, Middlesex at the age of 83. I wonder if she thought about her sixteen-year-old grandson in her final days. Did she have any inkling that he would come to be reviled by millions of people? There is a lot of genealogical information about her online. Here is a good place to begin (not secure).

When she was nineteen, Rachel (or Rachael) PARKINSON married a mariner 21 years her senior. FG&C has given them a daughter, Rose Ann, born the year after their marriage. Rachel had at least one more child. John Richardson junior, mariner, is mentioned in her probate record.

John senior had died 36 years earlier aged 52. It is uncertain whether he was buried in Scarborough or Filey. There doesn’t seem to be a memorial to him or Rachel in either town.

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