Description of a Struggle

Gladys GOFORTH is isolated on Filey Genealogy & Connections but a note says she is the daughter of Jonathan and Emeline. First stop, FamilySearch. It is always great fun looking for Wanted People on the Shared Tree but it is rarely time well spent. One day, a search for Gladys GOFORTH, female, born in Cayton, Yorkshire, England in 1892 with father Jonathan and mother Emeline will be answered by “sorry, we do not have this person in our database” – rather than supply almost 5,000 Unwanted People.

However, I am sure I will find a blood relative of lonely Gladys on the Shared Tree if I try harder.

Next stop Find My Past.

Thought so.

Poor Gladys.

I searched for Gladys again on FamilySearch.

Gladys Goforth, female, born 1892 Cayton, Yorkshire, England; father Jonathan Goforth, mother Emmaline Miers.

I didn’t expect to find her but I thought her parents would show up with Florrie in the Top Twenty – ahead of 14 sundry Goforths born in the USA, 1 in China and another in Canada. She didn’t.

Changing the search terms to Florrie and 1899 fails to raise the sister of Gladys. One more American is in the Top 20 and Little Miss China is at Number Two.

What am I doing wrong? Ah, I see. I should have entered GOGORTH as Florrie’s last name.

Success! But it is almost time for lunch. (Florrie Gogorth’s two sources are the 1901 and 1911 censuses and she is a Goforth in both.)

Henry STONEHOUSE was baptised at St Oswald’s and about five years old when Uncle Samuel killed his Aunt Maria. He was the seventh of ten children born to Abraham Waugh Stonehouse and Alice SKELTON. His father was familiar with police courts and magistrates but he didn’t kill anyone. While pursuing his occupation as a cab proprietor, he was now and again charged with being cruel to horses. At other times his misdemeanours were comical. In July 1883, when he was a father of only four children, the Scarborough Mercury reported proceedings at Bridlington.

Abraham W. Stonehouse and Robert Colley, carriage proprietors, Filey, were charged with committing willful damage to grass, the property of Henry Bentley, by cutting a quantity of the same on the 9th inst. The damage was estimated at 2s. 6d., and defendants were each fined 14s, including costs.

Young Henry Stonehouse went by “Harry” and doesn’t have a future on FG&C. The Shared Tree places him at 67 Queen Street in 1901 with his parents, two brothers and sister. He had seen two younger siblings die before then and in 1916 older brother Albert Charles gave away his life in the Great War. Harry was himself lamb to the slaughter fodder. Did he serve and survive? His name doesn’t appear on the Filey Memorials. I think he may have married Alice ASHWELL in Scarborough in 1914 and they were with son Ronald in London in 1921. Mother and son are together in Hull at the beginning of the Second World War but I haven’t found a record of Harry’s death. There are tantalising newspaper reports of a magistrate in Hull called Harry Stonehouse. That would be hilarious if he was Abraham Waugh’s lad.

On the Shared Tree, Henry Manners HEPTINSTALL also goes by Harry. He served during the Great War and survived. He married Maud WAGGITT at St Oswald’s and both FamilySearch and FG&C show the couple to be childless. I couldn’t find them in the 1939 Register and so I looked into migration records. At the age of 28, Maude (sic) Heptinstall, a hairdresser of “Kenilworth”, West Avenue, Filey sailed unaccompanied to Quebec in October 1929 aboard the Duchess of Richmond. I don’t know what happened to Harry.

Thomas William JENKINSON married Barbara Isabel BEWLEY in 1933. In 1939 they were living at 13 Norman Crescent and The Register claimed that Barbara was born on 9 March 1909. The marriage was registered in Durham and a girl called Barbara Isabel Bewley aged seven and born at Ushaw Moor, Bearpark, Durham, was enumerated with parents Samuel and Jane at New Brancepeth Colliery in 1911.

Beach 185 · Butcher Haven

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