A Problem Family

On Filey Genealogy &Connections they look innocuous.

George Hubbard’s death in 1899  age 66 check

Rachel Hubbard’s death in 1907 age 63 check

Marriage of George Hubbard & Rachel Whitehouse, Scarborough 1870 Q3 check

John Robert born 1876 check – mother’s maiden surname : WAITERS

Thomas born 1877 registered 1878 Q1 – mother’s maiden surname : WARTERS

John born 1880 check – mother’s maiden surname : WAITERS

Eliza born 1887 check – mother’s maiden surname : WATERS Rachel born 1888 check – mother’s maiden surname : WATERS

In the GRO Births Index, there are no children called Hubbard (or variants) born to a mother Whitehouse (or variants).

About seven months after they married, George & Rachel were enumerated in Mosey’s Yard, Filey. The age gap between them is sixteen years rather than eleven because Rachel is shown to be 21 years old.

In the GRO Births Index, there are no children registered by a Hubbard + variants and Waters + variants couple in Yorkshire before John Robert arrives. Obviously, it is unusual for a couple not to have children un the first five years of marriage in Victorian England.

Three of the five registered Filey Hubbard children died before their first birthday. In 1891 Thomas and John are with their parents in Jenk Alley, given ages 14 and 10. (George and Rachel’s age gap is 12 years.)

Early in my searches on Find my past, I was offered hints that Thomas and John had joined the United States military in the early years of the 20th century but after adding more firm details to the family members these hints vanished. However, I was unable to follow either young man in this country after 1891 except for John Hubbard who married Hetty ELWICK in Scarborough in 1908. John gives her name as Hester Ann on the 1911 census form and they have a son Arthur, 2. John was born in Filey but his stated age of 26 is five years adrift.

I wonder how George, supposedly born in Crowland, Lincolnshire met up with Yorkshire lass Rachel. Any hope that her Kilham birthplace would enable me to decide if she is a Waters or a Whitehouse has come to nothing so far. Best of luck if you go to the Shared Tree to solve this family’s problems.

FG&C says that Bessie Ann HYDE, the second child of Noah and Mary Jane NELLIST, was baptised at the Prim when she was 28 days old. She was born in Muston and it seems likely that she was taken to the small chapel on Hunmanby Street. Six siblings followed her into the world and you can seek them out on the Shared Tree. Bessie doesn’t have any Blue Hints yet but a member at Find my past says she married Thomas ABBOTT, a gamekeeper at Maltby near Rotherham in 1911. They had two infant children after five years of marriage but had lost a third. Over the next ten years five more children would arrive and all, I think, reached adulthood. Bessie died in Leeds towards the end of 1954.

Sarah Ann WELBURN was the daughter of Allinson (AP 1035 · burial · 18 June) and married George Harland DUCK at Filey St Oswald’s.  Sarah doesn’t appear to have favoured Ada as her first name (see her duplicate ID LWH3-W2K) and I am not sure how George came to be Robert George Haslam Thomas. In most sources, he seems comfortable as George Harland Duck. He liked the name well enough to give it to a son. In 1863 George had made his mark in the marriage register but his hand in 1911 was neat.

Clifford PASHBY, the son of Thomas Henry and Elizabeth née COLLING, married Annie Hunter CHAPMAN at St Oswald’s at the end of December 1941. He was a joiner by trade and is a second great-grandson of William Pashby (AP 105 · marriage · 18 January). His last address was 1 Marriners Terrace, Filey.

Edmond MILNER is misnamed in the St Oswald’s Burial Register.

He died too young and was tragically missed by his son, John (see Troubled Minds).

Landscape 167 · Filey and Carr Naze

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