Come! Lord Jesus!

Row 21 | 440A Ferguson G356

In affectionate remembrance of the late RICHARD FERGUSON (of Filey), who died May 27 1866, aged 40 years.

‘When this dear friend you look upon

O think how quickly I was gone

Death does not always warning give

Therefore be careful how you live’

‘Come! Lord Jesus!’

‘Therefore be ye also ready for in such an

Hour as ye think not the son of man

cometh’            Matt. XXIVc. 44v.


children of the above who died in infancy.

Also of JANE FERGUSON his beloved wife, who died Nov 20 1896, aged 75 years.

‘……….with my soul’

(Rest buried)

Crimlisk Survey 1977

Thomas PINKNEY was born in Whitby and died there but his daughter Elizabeth married John PRUST in Muston and six of their children married. At least one descendant of Thomas sleeps eternally in Filey churchyard. There are some strange goings on with the family on the Shared Tree. If you look for Thomas using the ID I have given in the grid you will find a “memory” in the form of Elizabeth’s marriage certificate but if you then click on her tag you will find her father has married a different woman – and he has different parents. It is easy to mix up two people of similar vintage, with the same name, and living in the same geographical area. Collaboration notes on the record of Elizabeth Bedlington’s husband acknowledge that this could have happened here. The majority of FamilySearch Genealogies plump for Elizabeth Ann GULLON being Elizabeth PINKNEY Prust’s mother (Example).

I didn’t have FamilySearch IDs for Henry and Eliza and it was disconcerting to find them at the altar in St Oswald’s on the 7th of December. One of my rules is always to go with the most recent marriage date – assuming earlier dates could refer to Banns.

Henry worked Burn Butts; the farm that had been owned by his family for generations. The couple had three daughters and after Henry’s death, Eliza moved to Scarborough with the youngest daughter Ella Kathleen who was still single.

Sarah Ann STOTT was the wife of Arthur ASPELL, the cotton manufacturer featured a couple of weeks ago (28 November).

John Binnington SPICER was the son-in-law of Jane ELDERS (AP 10 December). I promised to work on his family story in Crushed but haven’t found the time. Some of the remedial work needed on the Shared Tree may have been addressed by recent contributions.

Mark of Man 108  · Fishmas Tree

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