Abstract 114 · Muston Sands

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Robert Gardner BELL and Ronald Scott GARDNER are first cousins. Robert has four sources on the Shared Tree. In 1911 he was helping his dad on the family farm.

Six years earlier he married.

Elizabeth BEDFORD was the chosen cradle snatcher.

Robert Scott GARDNER is the grandson of Robert Gardner (AP 1546 · death · 10 September). He was baptized at Filey St Oswald’s and died in Halifax 84 years later. When the 1939 Register was taken he was 28 and living with his parents and two unmarried sisters in Brighouse. The transcription asserts that he is married and without occupation. The page image confirms he was single and working as secretary to the Managing Director of a Pipe Works. His marriage to Muriel FEATHER a couple of years later is supported by two Blue Hints.

At the age of eleven, George Watson HARPER was living with his parents and four siblings in Mitford Street. His father, also George Watson, had married a Nottingham woman and George junior did likewise. He was living in Filey in 1939, working as a bricklayer. He died in Lincolnshire.

Row 22 | 475 Stevenson G376 | Grey

In loving memory of THOMAS HENRY STEVENSON, died 14 Dec 1972, aged 62 years.

‘Till we meet again’

And DORIS, his wife, died 2nd Aug 1981.

Crimlisk Survey 1977

Thomas married Doris STEPHENSON in 1951. She was the daughter of Walter Stephenson and Alice DANBY [L5TZ-C62].

Free BMD Marriages Mar 1951  

STEVENSON Thomas H & STEPHENSON Doris, Buckrose 2a 39.

Elizabeth SALT was born in Lincolnshire. Her father was a gamekeeper and his first three children with Maria RILEY had first drawn breath in Staffordshire. Elizabeth did not marry, and I haven’t had time to track the footsteps that brought her to Filey. For perhaps many years she lived with Annie HALLIDAY. If the 1911 census is to be believed, they were somehow related – Elizabeth is described as Annie’s “sister-in-law”. But Annie is also single. A Halliday niece was with them at an earlier census and may hold the key to the mystery.

Annie died on 4 December 1916 aged 86 and a week after her funeral, Elizabeth was reunited with her.

Row 50 | 903 Halliday G762 | Cross

In loving memory of ANNIE HALLIDAY, who died Dec 4 1916.

Also, ELIZABETH SALT, who died Dec 11 1916.

‘Thus may they abide in union

With each other and the Lord

And possess in sweet communion

Joy which (    ) cannot afford’

(Rest buried.)

Crimlisk Survey 1977

Verse in bold: East Yorkshire Family History Society Survey 2014

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