Beach 186 · Filey Sands

Royal Parade Steps

Though only 23 years of age, Richard Henry DOUGLAS was skipper of the herring coble Margaret in May 1902 when it sailed from Scarborough to fish off Robin Hood’s Bay. With  Richard that day were his younger brothers Arthur and James and an older fisherman, Isaac Ethel. A swinging boom knocked Arthur overboard and Richard immediately jumped into the sea in an attempt to save him. He was a strong swimmer but was wearing sea boots. Both drowned.

This photocopy is a crop of Richard from a Filey Excelsior FC team photograph, donated to Looking at Filey by Richard’s great-nephew Martin Douglas.

For more on the tragic accident see Herring Coble‘Margaret’.

The gravestone that remembers the brothers has broken. The bottom half is upright but the top was on its back in the grass in 2012.

In loving memory of ELIZABETH ANN, the beloved wife of ARTHUR DOUGLAS, who died Sep 20th 1904, aged 52 years.

Also, two sons of the above who was [sic] lost at sea, May 27th 1902, RICHARD aged 24 years and ARTHUR aged 20 years.

‘Behold me standing at the door!

And hear me pleading evermore;

Say, weary heart opprest with sin

May I come in? May I come in?

Also of the above ARTHUR DOUGLAS, entered into rest Oct 8 1928, aged 77 years.

‘Until the day break’

Crimlisk Survey 1977

Brenda Mary HOLLIS was baptised at St Oswald’s. There is a stone plaque in the church honouring Arthur Reginald WALKER, the man she married in 1940.

Gristhorpe-born Robert GOFTON and Jane FOSTER married at St Oswald’s in 1843. Another Robert Gofton born in Gristhorpe in 1817 married Mary MILLER at St Oswald’s in 1845.  Robert One was baptised at St Oswald’s thirteen days before Robert Two. Kath has a note on FG&C – “need to check in more detail”.

FG&C says Jane had three children and Mary eight. Mary [MG68-FYW] has not found a husband yet on the Shared Tree – and Jane has an additional seven children there.

There are no local deaths listed for today but Emily Jane BRONTË (AP 1283 · birth · 30 July) died on this date in 1848.

Millicent STAINSBY was buried in Filey churchyard, close to the path that leads to the south door of St Oswald’s. The Crimlisk Survey says the grave has a kerb but I am not sure which one of several it might be (amongst the placeholder photos).

Row 1 | 73 Stainsby G15  | Kerb

MILLICENT STAINSBY of Harrogate, died 15th Dec 1958.

Crimlisk Survey 1977

FG&C gives 1888 as her birth year and, if she died without marrying, she is on the Shared Tree, the daughter of Alfred Pollard Stainsby and Mary Hannah BENTLEY.

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