Beach 187 · Filey Sands

William Henry WELBURN was born in Seamer and baptised at the Primitive Methodist Chapel in Muston on 16 January 1893. That is the limit of Filey Genealogy & Connections’ knowledge of him so I don’t know why he is on the birthday list. He is not only without parents, ancestors and descendants – he is the only person on the list today.

The GRO Births Index shows his mother’s maiden surname was MORRIS. Free BMD Marriages offers Annie marrying Thomas in 1891, most probably after the census enumerator had visited. The child William Henry and his parents evaded my initial census searches but I found William’s marriage to Sarah Jane COOPER in the first quarter of 1918. Sarah was ten years older than William and they may have had only one child – Mabel, born in 1920. William seems to have been a farm or general labourer for most of his working life.

Having found out this much, I’ll have a look at the Shared Tree. And there he is with his parents and paternal grandparents. He is without sources but a Blue Hint gives me the elusive 1901 census. Someone reading this might consider giving him a wife and child on the Shared Tree.

As I am on FamilySearch already… I am rewarded with Winifred Mary COLLEY’s ID, and a Blue Hint tells me she lived to the age of eighty. FG&C is better at ending the lives of some forebears and gives her an extra brother (Herbert, died in infancy). In 1939, Winifred was helping her Aunt Adelaide Colley to run a lodging house at 5, The Crescent. Adelaide died in 1949 aged 82  and maybe Winifred decided then to move to Leeds.

John Edward PETTY and Ann Crimlisk McPHERSON married at the Ebenezer in Union Street about three months after the Second World War began. I don’t know how long he served with the Royal Army Service Corps before he was captured by the Japanese, or for how long he was incarcerated in Camp 1 Fukuoka before he died, 2 days before his fifth wedding anniversary. John was probably cremated at Fukuoka City Cemetery but he is commemorated at St Louis (Jefferson Barracks) National Cemetery in the United States. He is also remembered on the McPHERSON stone in St Oswald’s churchyard (see the post on 5 October). Information about the place in which John spent his final days can be found here.

Matthew SCOTTER is a grandson of Newman SCOTTOW (AP 85 · birth · 15 January) and one of the Norfolk family that didn’t travel north to make a life in Filey. When he was sixty-nine, Matthew received news that his younger brother Mark had been shot dead by a German submariner. I wonder what he made of that. See also Scottow · Scotter

On the Shared Tree, there is a four-year difference in the ages of Mary JACKSON and her husband Thomas CARR in the pedigree view. In the marriage register, the difference is one year.

And on their headstone in Filey churchyard, the difference is two years.

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