Beach 188 · Muston Sands

Emily HARRISON stands alone on Filey Genealogy & Connections, with just a brief note saying she is the daughter of Joseph Pearson and Ada Gertrude Harrison – and asking, “Was Ada Gertrude née Suggitt?” Let’s see.

Joseph initially worked on a farm, then as a fitter’s labourer, and had to move around in search of work. The birthplaces of his many children tracked a back and forth between Seamer and Cayton before the family moved to York. The 1939 Register lists them in Heworth village – parents and eight unmarried children, including Emily TUMMON. I am sure this is our birthday girl, even though her birthdate is given as 24 October.

I made no further progress with Emily.

FG&C names “John and Jane” as the parents of Rachel SHIELDS but gives her no siblings. The Shared Tree ­has provided her with two brothers and a sister, married her to John Greenley BODDY and made her a mother of nine.

Edward HUNTER is one of at least four children born to William and Thirza Ann née POWLEY that have yet to be added to the Shared Tree.  Edward married Hilda WALKER at Filey St Oswald’s, informing the clerk that his residence was HMS Rattlesnake. He served initially as a stoker and if he stayed with Rattlesnake for the duration, he would have seen a lot of the Mediterranean and perhaps experienced his ship’s collisions with HMS Bulldog in 1915 and Pincher in 1917. Home from the war, he lived with Hilda in Church Street for only a short time – she died at No. 31 in July 1919. He married Annie Walker, Hilda’s sister, a week before Christmas 1922. They had a daughter in 1925 and named her Hilda Evelyn.

Her birth was registered as Isabella Frances WILSON but when she could decide for herself, she chose to go by Isabel. She married Harry SMITH [GHNX-1LP] and helped him to run a lodging house on the Foreshore in Filey. They had two sons, Tom and Bertram. Bert may be the only Filonian to die on holiday in Venice (and be cremated there).

Row 10 1909 Smith E90

In loving memory of ISABEL FRANCES SMITH, at rest 20th Dec 1943, aged 72 years.

Also of HARRY her husband, reunited 24th March 1957, aged 89 years.

Also, BERT (son) died 15th Sept 1963 on holiday, cremated in Venice.

‘Sadly missed’ ETHEL

Crimlisk Survey 1977

(Ethel INSTONE was Bertram’s wife.)

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