The Man from Buenos Ayres

In a three-day march through online records, I found the widow of John MARTINDALE, most of her descendants from a first marriage, but not the origins of the man himself. He wasn’t born in Argentina. I am not sure who his parents are but favour this couple.

There are several other men called John Martindale born within a few miles and years of this chosen one. I knew he had been a farmer and thought for a while he had worked High Thorn near Kendal and raised many children with Margaret WHARTON. In 1861 the couple was living apart. Margaret, 59, was in Kendal town with her son James, 17, a painter’s apprentice and had informed the enumerator that her husband was away “on a journey”. John hadn’t yet travelled far – he was working as a servant at Rydal Farm, just fifteen miles distant. But Margaret had described herself as a “horse trainer’s wife”, so who wouldn’t immediately dream of gauchos? Margaret died towards the end of 1865, freeing John to marry again and finally be remembered on a headstone in Filey St Oswald’s churchyard. But he followed Margaret to eternity a few months later, dying at Rydal Hall.

Row 34 | 687 Martindale G555

In loving memory of my dear mother HANNAH, widow of JOHN MARTINDALE (of Buenos Ayres), born March 28th 1820, died Jan 25th 1907.

‘What cheering words are these!

Their sweetness who can tell!

In time and to eternal days

Tis with believers well.’

‘But above all how well!

When Jesus speaks the word

And at the trumpets sounding swell

They rise to meet their Lord’

Also of our darling mother, JANE JONES DEEBLE, (daughter of the above), who fell asleep in Jesus, February 2nd 1933, in her 81st year.

‘Forever with the Lord’

Crimlisk Survey1977

John from South America was 65 years old when he married Hannah WAREY in Exeter in 1866. She brought two children to the marriage with her – Jane Jones Warey, 14, and David George, 11. JONES was Hannah’s maiden surname and her daughter Jane would later marry Charles DEEBLE in Bangalore in 1882. Two children, Charlie and Ellen, were born in India but Jane brought them to England shortly after their soldier father’s death in Secunderabad at the age of 41.

John Martindale was not a stepfather for long. He died in St Austell Street, Truro towards the end of 1872. In 1881 the enumerator in Otley, Yorkshire named Hannah’s son David Warey Martindale. Aged 25, single and a watchmaker, David was living with his mother at Chevin Side. Less than a mile away in Kirkgate, his older sister, Margaret Hannah was living with her husband Richard COAD, 38, and three daughters. Richard was also a watchmaker – and a Cornishman. Perhaps this is a good time to explain why Hannah Jones, born in middle England, had set up her first married home by the sea at Walmer in Kent before journeying westward along the coast to Falmouth. Her husband Charles Warey, five feet and eight inches tall, with a florid complexion and no distinguishing marks, was a boatman with the Coastguard Service. I wonder how a man born in Stokenham, a mile from the English Channel, happened to meet a Warwickshire girl.

In the summer of 1883, David married Mary Jane HARDY in Huddersfield. In 1901 they had four children living with them in Kirkburton, the youngest aged ten. His mother and sister had by this time moved to the Yorkshire coast and while Hannah lived “on her own means”, Jane worked from home as a toy dealer.

12 Hope Street (centre), photographed yesterday

Hannah’s life may have ended in this house. You may have wondered about the dedication on her gravestone beginning, “In loving memory of my dear mother”. Hannah’s son David died eleven days before Hannah.

Jane Deeble left Filey to live with her son Charles and his family in York, where she was described as a lodging house keeper in 1911.

35 Garth Terrace, York (centre) – not much room for lodgers?

Ten years later, she was living in York with her daughter Ellen, aged 32, single and a buyer in the boot department of Leak and Thorp, the city’s first department store. The store was destroyed by fire in 1933, the year Jane died, aged 81.

David George Warey can be found on the Shared Tree with his wife and two of their four children – but he doesn’t have forebears. His son Charles Stuart was a casualty of the Great War in 1916 while serving as an Airman Mechanic with the Royal Flying Corps. In 1921, his widow Elizabeth was alone in the house they had shared. She did not remarry and died in 1958 aged seventy.

Returning to John Martindale. I did not find him in the censuses of 1841 and 1851 and can only speculate that he went to South America in his youth, returning as a single man or widower in his late fifties or early sixties to marry widow Hannah Warey. I have to leave it for someone else to find his Buenos Ayres connection.

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