A Husband and Father

Roland JENKINSON has yet to marry on the Shared Tree.

Roland’s last address was 43 West Road (Filey Genealogy & Connections) but his probate record notes he died at Scarborough Hospital.

In September 1939, at the age of 18, Roland was working as a Post Office messenger and living at 29 The Newlands with his parents and elder brother. The address is now Ash Road and if you follow the link, you can compare the old photo with Google Street View.

The women pictured years ago were chatting outside the house with the bush and blue recycling bin. The 1939 Jenkinson house is near the end of the road, on the right.

Roland’s parents are remembered at his grave in an Open Book that isn’t easy to decipher.

In loving memory of a dear husband, MATTHEW JENKINSON, died 4th May 1972, aged 81 years.

Also, his wife Emma Elizabeth, died 23 March 1977, aged 78 years.

Crimlisk Survey 1977

Records of a marriage in 1944 and a birth in 1949 may be appropriate for this post.

Free BMD Marriages SEP 1947: GRACE Doreen & JENKINSON Roland, Buckrose 2a 121.     

Free BMD Births JUN 1949: JENKINSON Anne, (Mother’s Maiden Surname) Grace, Buckrose 2a 7.

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