Pub Landlords

In 1861, William BARKER was working as a cartman, living with his wife Elizabeth and seven children on Queen Street. A year earlier they had buried their infant son John Rennard in St Oswald’s churchyard. Three of their daughters married. Ann had eight children with Walter BUDD (AP 252 · burial · 11 February), landlord of The Star towards the end of his life; Faith had seven with James FERGUSON; Ruth just one child with Tom Gray COCKSWORTH (AP 523 · marriage · 28 March). The offspring count for these three marriages on the Shared Tree is just two. Two daughters of William and Elizabeth had children out of wedlock. Hannah’s daughter Amy lived for just three months but Elizabeth’s son Ernest fared much better. He was raised by his mother in the household of his Aunt Hannah in Hope Street (1901) and West Avenue (1911). Hannah died in 1921 and shortly afterwards Ernest was enumerated in Hull, working as a grocer’s assistant. He married Gladys M. GREEN in 1928 and I think they had two daughters. Ernest’s mother died at his Westfield Avenue home in 1935. He was living at the same address when The Register was taken in September 1939, working as the branch manager of a grocery store and doing his civic duty as an ARP warden. The Luftwaffe would keep him busy in the months and years ahead.

North Wall 1000 Barker D44  Grey Granite

In loving remembrance of JOHN BARKER, son of WILLIAM and ELIZABETH BARKER of Filey, who died March 6th 1860, aged 1 year and 10 months.

Also of the above WILLIAM, who died February 23rd 1871, aged 47 years.

‘His end was peace’

Also, the above ELIZABETH BARKER, who died April 11th 1891, aged 71 years.

She was…

     Words are wanting to say what


          What a wife and mother should be

                                         she was that.’

Also of HANNAH BARKER daughter of the above, born July 31 1853, died May 10 1921.

‘At rest’ Also of their daughter, ELIZABETH BARKER, 22nd May 1860 – 1st June 1935.

Crimlisk Survey 1977

(The headstone was moved to the North Wall after 1977 and the remembrance of daughter Elizabeth – on a separate plaque perhaps – was left behind or lost.)

Some sources

William BARKER

MARRIAGE: Free BMD Marriages Dec 1845: BARKER William & RENNARD Elizabeth, Bridlington 23 50.

DEATH: BARKER, William, Age at Death (in years): 47. GRO Reference: 1871 M Quarter in SCARBOROUGH Volume 09D Page 210.

Elizabeth RENNARD Barker

DEATH: BARKER, Elizabeth, Age at Death (in years): 71. GRO Reference: 1891 J Quarter in SCARBOROUGH Volume 09D Page 325.

John Rennard BARKER

BIRTH: BARKER, John Rennard, Mother’s Maiden Surname: RENNARD. GRO Reference: 1858 S Quarter in SCARBROUGH Volume 09D Page 249.

DEATH: BARKER, John Rennard, Age at Death (in years): 1. GRO Reference: 1860 M Quarter in SCARBOROUGH Volume 09D Page 208.


BIRTH: Registration not found. (The mother of Hannah Barker registered in Scarborough in the September Quarter of 1853 has the maiden surname RAINE in the GRO Births Index.)

DEATH: BARKER, Hannah, Age at Death (in years): 67. GRO Reference:1921  J Quarter in SCARBOROUGH Volume 09D Page 392.

Elizabeth BARKER

BIRTH: BARKER, Elizabeth, Mother’s Maiden Surname: RENNARD. GRO Reference: 1860 J Quarter in SCARBOROUGH  Volume 09D Page 279.

DEATH: BARKER, Elizabeth, Age at Death (in years): 75. GRO Reference: 1935 J Quarter in SCULCOATES Volume 09D Page 179.

After William died, his wife ran the Three Tuns in Murray Street for the next twenty years. Elizabeth senior died at the pub six days after the visit of the 1891 enumerator.

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