Something to Worry About #1

…The evidence the vaccination works is literally overwhelming, there’s no doubt about it at all. And by the way, Pfizer and Astra Zeneca are both excellent vaccines, as is Moderna and other vaccines. So you’ve got a situation where once you really take this out to people and say to them, look at the data, it’s clear, vaccination works, the absence of vaccination, your failure to get vaccinated doesn’t just put you at risk; this is what is important, in a way, if this were just a personal decision for people, and you get vaccinated, you don’t get vaccinated, that its you who suffers if you don’t. But it’s not you who suffers if you don’t, simply, it’s also other people. And there are people who are unvaccinated, they come into contact with people, even those who are vaccinated now, they can still transmit the disease, and if those people have got a serious underlying condition, they can actually die as a result of that. So, you know, I think I understand people’s objections but at some point you’ve got to say to people, look, the evidence, not just from Britain but from around the world, is crystal clear, there’s no serious person disputing it, and to get vaccinated is actually part of your, it’s almost part of your civic duty.

Tony Blair

It seems unwise for an organisation desperate to win hearts and minds to put a war criminal on Sky TV to do the job. Bliar (sic) is possibly the most despised politician known to Brits.

Here is a chart of data that you can find on Worldometer. As with everything Covidian, data accuracy isn’t guaranteed – but it is clear.

Deaths from respiratory illnesses are low during the summer (weeks 27 to 39) and begin to rise when autumn arrives. With enough imagination, one could list a number of explanations for the peculiar 2021 trajectory. One being “the vaccines don’t work” – in the sense of preventing infection, illness and death. (Gene therapies and injected operating systems are not vaccines.)   

Clouds 54 · Filey Bay

My Climate

Durham Tees Airport is about 70 miles from Filey but closer Stations providing data to Weather Underground became unreliable after a while.

In the beginning I arrived at a Pre-Industrial baseline by averaging ten meteorological years of daily mean temperatures (2008/9 to 2017/8) and adding 0.85°C – on the assumption that a global rise of this amount could be reasonably applied. In 2018 the IPCC declared that Earth had warmed by 1°C between the start of the Industrial Revolution and 2017, so I altered my spreadsheets “to fit”. Yesterday, I menioned my wheeze of an “IPCC Unit” – the amount the temperature must rise annually to the end of November 2040 to reach the “Paris Target” of 1.5 degrees above Pre-Industrial. Ignoring pesky 366th days gives a daily rise of 0.0000596°C. By the end of Week 46 of this meteorological year my version of the globe has therefore notionally warmed to 1.08442 degrees above Pre-Industrial.

Three days ago Durham Tees was running at 1.77°C above P-I. At the beginning of summer  (Week 26) this figure was just 1.06°C. Last year, summer began at 2.34°C above P-I and cooled to 1.8 degrees.

In 2014 it was warmer still at Week 46, reaching the dreaded 2°C. To be more exact,1.997 degrees, and rising further to 2.05°C by the year’s end. Fortunately, there have been enough cool years since 2008 to bring the above Pre-Industrial average down to a comfortable level.

Accepting a one degree above P-I figure for all  years from 2008 to 2017, and then going with my interpretation of the steady rise to the IPCC’s 2040 projection gives the following graph.

Two calculations –



So, this meteorological year is currently running31.6 times warmer than the IPCC projection.

But if 14 years of Warming are averaged the Rate falls to just 2.2. Nothing to see in North East England then. Hot air blowing down from Glasgow in a couple of weeks can be ignored. There are too many other things to worry about.

Townscape 73 · Queen Street

A Glance at Ten Weather Stations

In advance of COP 26, beginning at the end of the month, I thought I’d catch up with my Ten Weather Stations.

At the end of Week 46, the Ten are running 0.32°C cooler than last year. Five stations are a bit warmer, but Koltsovo’s eye watering 2.39°C drop, lowers the Northern 5 average by 0.58 degrees.

But Koltsovo was over 4°C above Pre-Industrial at this time last year and is currently the third warmest of the Ten Stations (1.7°C above P-I).

The IPCC’s “Paris Target” of keeping global average temperature below 1.5°C in 2040 seems at risk, but there is some encouragement with five stations currently cooler than the global estimate of 1°C at the end of 2017.

If the mean global temperature rises by 0.02174°C (one “IPCC unit”) each year from 2017, the Paris Target will be reached in 2040.  

Ten Weather Stations represent a small proportion of the globe. For them to be warming 9 times more than the IPCC projection is probably nothing to worry about. The COPpers in Glasgow may have other ideas.

Found Object 62 · Speeder

Clarke’s Asphalt/ Ship Inn Yard

What’s in that Closet?

My father delighted in telling me a story of a Saturday morning cinema visit, when he was a child in the 1920s. The audience must have been 99% street urchin – as it was in the 1950s when I joined hundreds of other unwashed Ovaltineys (happy girls and boys) to watch Flash Gordon, Hopalong Cassidy and Zorro serials. The previous generation of young Hullensians were watching an American short film when a character pointed to a closed door and bellowed, “What’s in that closet?” A chorus yelled back, “Shi-i-i-i-t”.

The same response is appropriate if asked, “What’s in the Covid-19 vaccines?”

A couple of weeks ago, Dr Carrie Madej showed Stew Peters what she had seen under a microscope. Others have since had a close up peep of what we are being urged to allow into our bodies (if we haven’t been shot already). Seemorerocks points the way to further explanation.

By one method or another, and in one form or another, this sh*t is going to enter most humans soon and transform them into something other. If, reading this, you are still 100% human, just say “No” when the jab person cometh.

Abstract 81 · Seawall