Just Agnes from Somewhere

On my afternoon walk yesterday I bumped into the second great-granddaughter of Agnes in Glen Gardens. From the comfort of her mobility scooter, Ann was keeping an eye on her own great-granddaughter in the children’s playground. Our long-time-no-see conversation quickly turned to family history and I promised to look into one of Ann’s mysteries.

I will get to the main affair eventually (I hope) but was soon sidetracked by Agnes and Richard.


I focused on this couple initially because they are remembered on a headstone in St Oswald’s churchyard.


In loving memory of RICHARD PASHBY, died Jan 28 1890, aged 50.

Also AGNES, wife of the above, died July 23 1897, aged 54.

Also FRANCES & EMILY, their daughters aged 23 & 27 years.

Also JANE HUNT, mother of the above, died Sep 23 1895, aged 91.

‘Forever with the Lord’

Also GEORGE NELSON, died in infancy.

As you can see from the screenshot, FamilySearch Tree is not very illuminating with regard to Richard and Agnes. Both are separated from their parents and neither can be pinned immediately to time or place. Record hints direct attention to useful Census returns but these haven’t yet to be attached to the pair.

Filey Genealogy & Connections is much more helpful, offering all eleven of the children that can be found in the GRO Births Index. (Infant “George Nelson“  was a grandson of Richard and Agnes.)

FG&C  gives Richard’s parents as Thomas Pashby and Jane CAMMISH but without the dates of their deaths. The MI above suggests that Thomas died quite young and Jane remarried. There is, indeed, a Free BMD record of Jane Pashby marrying Joseph HUNT in Scarborough in the December Quarter, 1856. On another fragment of pedigree awaiting connection on FST, there is a record hint for Richard’s older sister Ann, revealing the Pashby household sheltering lodger Joseph Hunt in 1851. He is a Somerset man, 12 years younger than Jane.

FG&C also does better with the birth family of Agnes, giving her parents and five siblings. Her mother, “Mrs Sarah Jackson” is a PEARSON in the GRO Births Index. All the children were born in Snainton near Scarborough. Father John was born in Ebberston, the next village westward along the present A170.

Now I’ll have to knuckle down to putting Agnes Jackson of Snainton on FST and adding her headstone photo… and joining Richard to the other section of his pedigree on the World Tree.

Insufficient Rebellion

I have been crunching temperature data for the last couple of days and drafting a post with a provisional title, This Sporting Weather. Temperature tables that mimic those of football teams in premier leagues might be of some interest, I thought.

Nineteen weeks into the season (meteorological year 2018/19), the contenders for the title of Warmest Place in my Ten Team Weather League have settled to such an extent that it will be a surprise if the current leader is overtaken.

Koltsovo (Novosibirsk) will be a worthy winner. As noted in an earlier post, it is the coldest of the ten stations I’m monitoring, but returning the greatest increase of average daily temperature above my chosen Pre-Industrial Baseline. It is also notable for being located in one of Climate Action Tracker’s Critically Insufficient countries.

After the first week of matches, Koltsovo was third in the table but went top the following week and has remained there until now.

Buenos Aires and Mumbai have been fighting it out for weeks for the privilege of propping up the table. (But remember, Cold is Good.) At week 19, Mumbai is bottom and this is appropriate too because India is the only one of my ten representative countries that CAT classifies as 2°C Compatible. (Buenos Aires is clearly overperforming because Argentina is considered to be ‘Highly Insufficient’.)

The other seven stations have jostled a bit for a few weeks but their positions are unlikely to change much from now to the end of the year. Last week all ten occupied the positions they held the previous week.


A station receives ten points for being Warmest of the Week, down to one point for Coldest (relative to the Pre-Industrial Baseline).


The temperature colour codes (°C) should be self-explanatory with green and blue together equating to CAT’s ‘1.5°C Paris Agreement Compatible’ classification.

Italy is the only country of my ten not judged by CAT. At week 19, Rome’s running Mean daily temperature is 0.77°C above Pre-Industrial and so could be Paris Compatible. The next table shows the current Mean temperatures for the year to date, (running averages).


The Ten Station average, a rough proxy for “Global”, is 0.35°C above the temperature the planet has warmed since “Pre-Industrial”. This could be an indication that the 0.85°C data point I estimated for this increase is ‘insufficient’.

Now for some Rebellion.

Just Have a Think #50 puts climate-induced civil disobedience into context and gives more information about the Action Tracker.

Radio news today briefly tells of a hundred or more rebels being arrested.  I hope the inconvenience they are causing thousands in London will make people think about the extinction of all life on Earth. Sadly, judging by the amount of air time devoted today, people will be far more exercised about the fire in a cathedral. Perhaps a whole planet burning up is too much to take on board.

Weather is trying to tell us something by continuing to play dirty. One of its worst fouls recently – Arctic sea ice extent is at a record low, according to some observers.

Grabbed from Seamorerocks

Innocently Violent, a 56-minute climate change documentary, appeared in my YT recommendations a few days ago – practical self-sufficiency near the edge of extinction. Not for everyone but I was warmed by it!