The Missing Husband

Sarah ROSS was born in Hull but baptised at Filey St Oswald’s. Her father Thomas drowned while fishing when she was four years old. Neither of Sarah’s parents is represented on the Shared Tree but a husband, Martin APPLEYARD, is confidently offered. Martin, a bottle maker in the West Riding, is not at home on census night in 1851 and 1861but Sarah’s status continues to be “married”. I found a record in 1851 for “A M”, a Castleford-born glassblower, aged 30, and a patient in the West Riding Pauper Lunatic Asylum, Stanley in Wrenthorpe. He is there in 1861, again as “A M” but ten years later, under his full name, he is a patient at Sharrow Lane Asylum in Ecclesall Bierlow. This was a temporary asylum at Mount Pleasant, replaced by the Middlewood Hospital at Wadsley in 1872.

In 1861, Sarah had three working sons in her Welbeck Street home. George William, 19, was a labourer in a glassworks, Henry, 17, a glass bottle maker, and John Ross, 15, a letterpress printer’s apprentice. The birth of a sister, Sarah, was registered in the final quarter of 1847, suggesting that Martin lost his mind sometime in the next couple of years. Sarah junior died in late June 1859.  

I was hobbled today, unable to access the GRO Births & Deaths. Find my Past was also uncooperative at times. I didn’t have much luck finding today’s Anniversary People on the Shared Tree. That doesn’t mean they are not there.

Beach 176 · Filey Sands

Flight of Fancy 54 · Filey Militia

I don’t think the Yorkshire family NUTBROWN ever chose to live in Filey but the nine representatives in my database, and those they decided to marry, came quite close – to Reighton and Hunmanby for instance. FG&C  has birthday celebrant Ann Elizabeth marrying William Anderson RAYLOR in Bridlington in 1854 and I wanted to know what happened to them. It was an absolute pleasure to find on the Shared Tree so many Nutbrown forebears, Raylor descendants – and Ann reaching a great age.

Kate Mary LONG, sadly, didn’t make it to her eighth birthday. She was baptised at Filey St Oswald’s and buried nearby.

Row 20 | 1433 Long D230

‘Suffer little children to come unto Me’

‘K M L’

In loving memory of KATE MARY LONG, daughter of WILLIAM GEO. & HANNAH LONG, who died Oct 22nd 1877, aged 7 years.

‘When the archangel’s trump shall sound

And souls to bodies join

Millions will wish their life on earth

Has been as short as thine’

Crimlisk Survey 1977

Mary Elizabeth SKERRY was the daughter of James (AP 407 · death · 9 March) and sister of Robert (AP 1585 · birth · 17 September). Neither she nor her husband Robert DOBSON has met their maker on the Shared Tree. Some years older than her spouse, Mary died on the Wirral in 1914, aged 85. Robert appears to have crossed the Mersey after Mary’s passing. His death was registered in Liverpool in 1923. He was 87. During his sojourn in Filey, he was a wine and spirit merchant in Murray Street and on census night 1871 was sheltering both James and Robert Skerry. See Playing Catch-up.

John RUDDOCK is the father of John junior (AP 461 · death · 18 March). He has a low profile on the Shared Tree. FG&C says he was born in Pickering on Christmas Day 1776 to unknown parents and married Ann WILTON in Hinderwell on 5 January 1796. Ann is also without parents and John junior is her only known child. John senior died in Whitby and was buried there on 26 September 1831. I have not checked these details.

The Shared Tree offers a probate source for William WHEELER’s death on 27 July 1863. FG&C reckons today is the anniversary of his burial.

FG&C also takes issue with his wife being Mary WALKER, born Riby in Lincolnshire in 1799. It goes instead for Mary DENT, born Riby in 1802. Mary Wheeler was a boatman’s widow in 1871 when she is with her daughter Eliza and son-in-law John ROSS. The enumerator says she is 69 and her birthplace is Riby. She died the following year.

In All Thy Ways Acknowledge Him

George Welburn PRESTON was born in Filey Parish and baptised at St Oswald’s on 19 March 1894. He married Hilda MALTON in Beverley in 1914 as the carnage got underway. I don’t know how many months or years he spent caring for the injured and traumatised but he died on this day in 1917 from wounds received. He is buried at Ficheux.

George’s name was unfamiliar to me. Though his life began in Filey, the CWGC considered him a native of Bridlington – and at the time of his death, Hilda was living with he parents in Beverley. George is remembered on the Beverley War Memorial and in the Minster.

Edith Beaumont BATES

Stained glass, St Oswald’s.

See Cousin Edith

John William BEAN was baptized at St Oswald’s. He was thirteen when his father drowned from the herring coble Unity and as the elder son, he became the “man of the house”. His mother did not marry again until 1904 when John was 25. He married Margaret Cammish OVERY (AP 1040 · death · 19 June) the following year. He worked as a joiner and his last address was 13 Mitford Street.

Joseph STOCKDALE & Susanna WILLIS married at St Oswald’s. Joseph was born in New Romney, Kent, the son of preventive officer John. He is also a brother of John Gennery (AP 1122 · marriage · 31 May), a granduncle of John Revill (AP 925 · burial · 31 May), and uncle of Nathan (AP 1031 · baptism · 18 June). He worked as a painter and glazier but his life was a short one. Susanna did not marry again. Joseph junior, the youngest child, was only two when his father died and was not in good health. He was described in the 1861 census as an invalid and is remembered, with his parents, on an out-of-kilter headstone.

Row 16 | 352 Stockdale G288

Sacred to the memory of JOSEPH STOCKDALE, the beloved husband of SUSANNA STOCKDALE, who departed this life April 27th 1851, aged 33 years.

‘He died in peace’

Also of SUSANNA STOCKDALE, widow of the above, who departed this life September 16th 1888, aged 70 years.

Also, JOSEPH, son of the above, who died March 3rd 1868, aged 18 years.

Crimlisk Survey 1977

God called Eliza DIXON at the age of 77. She had married James RICHARDSON, an auctioneer and valuer, in Hull in the summer of 1842. Filey Genealogy  & Connections has given them only one daughter, Mary, who is remembered with them in Filey churchyard.

Row 26 | 567 Richardson G434

In memory of JAMES RICHARDSON, late of Sigglesthorne, who died July 11th 1875, aged 62 years.

ELIZA, widow of the above, who died Sep 18 1895, aged 77 years.

‘God called me’

Also, MARY WATSON, daughter of the above, who died at Newbiggin, Nov 21 1910, aged 67 years.

Crimlisk Survey 1977

Abstract 106 · Black Cliff Wall

Oh! Brother

James MEDD was a widower when he married Jane Hannah FERGUSON at St Oswald’s. Both were residents in Filey for a while but shortly after their marriage, they travelled to the West Midlands to set up their first home.

William doesn’t make a convincing brother for James. The boy is one of several children James had with his first wife, Elizabeth YOUNG. James has several duplicate IDs on the Shared Tree and Jane is waiting to be attached to him. Despite her relative youth, Jane does not appear to have borne any children. They are a couple on the census nights of 1881 and 1891 in Hull. I think William married and had several children but I haven’t had time to follow his progress.

Filey Genealogy & Connections doesn’t usually lead me astray.

Annie had two older sisters and a brother. Firstborn Emma possibly greeted the arrival of Mary Elizabeth and Annie Jane – and wondered why they didn’t stay for long. She herself gave up on life when she was eight. Only brother John lived long enough to marry and replicate, but he appears from nowhere on the Shared Tree.

John Baron WYRILL is another child brought to Filey from a great distance to be baptised, for reasons I can’t fathom.

Jane GOFTON was a widow for a quarter of a century after her husband was killed by an express train. She met her maker thanks, in part, to a flock of sheep.

George KIRLEW’s male line goes back to the 16th century and his people didn’t stray far from Hemingbrough for generations. George married Sarah Ann I’ANSON (or JANSON) in 1899 and worked as a railway clerk. Widowed in 1936, he was living in Queen’s Terrace with single daughter Edith when the 1939 Register was taken. (Edith married George FARLING early in 1940.) George and Sarah Ann are buried in St Oswald’s churchyard. There isn’t a headstone.

Row 16 | 2005 Kirlew F168 | Kerb

In loving memory of SARAH A. KIRLEW, died Oct 9th 1936.

Also of her husband GEORGE KIRLEW, died Sep 18th 1941.

Crimlisk Survey 1977

Path 181 · Long Lane

Mark of Man 99 · Cross

St Oswald’s Vestry Door

On Filey Genealogy & Connections, today’s birthday celebrant is Jane JACKSON, born in 1881 in Lebberston. Her paternal grandparents are not given but her mother’s forebears go a little way back through BRUMPTON, SOWERSBY, HUTCHINSON and LINSKILL. On the Shared Tree, Jane has the middle name Elizabeth, turning up in Lebberston in 1884, and having no maternal grandparents. Her Jackson line ends with her grandparents. So, with just a  FamilySearch Tree ID and zero sources, Jane requires attention.

We know when she was born, or we think we do. FG&C adds that she was baptised in a private Wesleyan ceremony on 11 October 1881. I don’t know where Kath found this source but it clearly challenges the Shared Tree’s 1884.

Jane is consistent knocking two or three years off her age at census time – until the 1939 Register when she offers 18 September 1881. That’s the day before FG&C but I’ll press on regardless.

Jane has five siblings and one of the Jackson six dies before 1911. Jane is missing from the family home in 1891 – but is with her grandmother Eliza née LINSKILL in Hope Street. In 1901, she is supposedly 18 and housekeeper to farmer John Jackson at Lebberston. John is her older brother and he marries Jane Monkman PUCKRIN before the year is out. In the spring of 1904, Jane marries Alfred Ashton STONEHOUSE in Scarborough and I have found registrations for three children, the first was named John and the last William Brumpton. Mary in the middle is with her parents (and husband Edward B NICHOLSON) at Market Place, Helmsley, in September 1939. Alfred, though retired, is a special constable. He dies in 1941, aged 69. Jane, nine years younger than her husband, has quite a few years ahead of her but I can’t be sure exactly how many. The best-fit death registration I could find (on date alone) takes her to 1959, aged 77. I am amused to think of her in old age, getting cross with someone and declaring “do you think I was born yesterday?”

I couldn’t ignore Walter Ernest LINSKILL. He is a singleton in my database, with just the FG&C pointer to parents called George & Elizabeth. Was he related to birthday Jane? I couldn’t advance much further than the information already presented on the Shared Tree, unable to find anything on Walter Ernest after the 1921 census.

Herbert GARDNER is the son of Robert (AP 1546 · death · 10 September) and Ann SCOTT.

Betsey Ann GOFTON is the daughter of Mary Jane BROWN (AP 317 · death · 22 February) and John Glaves GOFTON.

Row 49 888 Robinson G737 Black

Replaced original gravestone

Landscape 162 · Filey

Filey Genealogy & Connections places the births of William COLLINGWOOD and his father in Flamborough and doesn’t offer the maiden surname of Mrs Collingwood. The Shared Tree more than satisfied my curiosity with memories of William’s descendants in Hull.

I chose Sarah BEAL from the baptism list because I was not familiar with the family name in real-world Filey. I found her to be the maternal grandmother of Harold Edward GASH (AP 426 · burial · 12 March) and his younger brother Edward (AP 1305 · death · 2 August). FG&C tells us that John BEAL, a Hunmanby fishmonger, is Sarah’s father. This has the support of two Blue Hints on the Shared Tree. It is less certain that Mary EDMUND was the mother of John’s ten children. (There is a Hunmanby record of John Beal marrying Mary IDLE in 1810. FG&C has John’s first child being born in 1813.) At the 1841 census, he was a sixty-year-old widower in Stonegate with four offspring – Ann (25), John junior (a schoolmaster aged 20), William and Margaret. Records indicate that John may have been born in 1787 (not 1781), that his wife Mary died in 1838 aged 50, and that he married Mary ROBERTS in 1841. In 1861, John is working as an agricultural labourer (aged 75) and Mary is sixty years old. They are living in Northgate, Hunmanby. John dies six years later, his age given as 80 in the death registration.

Mary FOSTER married her first husband at Filey St Oswald’s on 17 September 1929 and her second in the same church ten years and a day later. With war clouds gathering, it was also the second marriage for Clifford Hubert DAVIES. His first wife, Elsie MASON, is still apparently living on the Shared Tree.

Mary’s two marriages didn’t last. Less than a year after her daughter’s baptism at St Oswald’s, her husband died. Death took Mary before she celebrated her seventh wedding anniversary with Clifford, Rector of Stokesley, Rural Dean and Canon of York.

On the Shared Tree, Gladys Mary is the eighth child of Thomas William “Crow” JENKINSON. She should have a more extensive pedigree, going all the way back to the first Filey Jenkinson via Robert and Margaret TRUCKLES/TRATTLES. but the connections have yet to be made. She was fifteen years old when her fisherman father was “killed by a steel rope flying off a steam capstan on the steam drifter Pride of Filey”(source: Filey; Fishing  Faith and Family Since 1800, Irene Allen & Andrew Todd).

He is John George WALLER in the GRO Birth Index but the middle name is usually missing in his sources. John is the father of George (AP 908 · birth · 29 May) and Sally (AP 1456 · death · 26 August). He continues to be misrepresented by a duplicate ID on the Shared Tree (see Beach 165). Born in Erpingham, Norfolk to William Waller and Sarah COLEMAN, he married Mary Ann WHEELER at Filey St Oswald’s on 26 June 1886. They had three children. On 15 September 1902, Thomas HUNTER took Messrs PEECH and STEEL out in the bay on a fishing trip and asked John to accompany them. John had worked as a fisherman for some years but was now a painter. Thomas’s coble, The Children’s Friend, was a new vessel bought for him by the aforementioned gentlemen, following the loss of his old coble the previous year while fishing off the “white cliffs”. The party headed for Bempton Cliffs on this day, the coble capsized and all four were thrown into the sea. Only Mr Peech survived. He managed to swim ashore, scale the cliffs by the gully known as the Crow Shoot, and alert the coastguard. The bodies of the three drowned men were found on rocks at the base of the cliffs the following day. Mr Steel was taken to Sheffield for interment at Fulwood Cemetery. John and Thomas rest in St Oswald’s churchyard.

Row 22 | 1460 Waller D254 | Carved wrecked coble

In loving memory of JOHN WALLER, drowned Sep 15th 1902, aged 41 years.

‘Be ye also ready’

LILLIAN, his daughter died Nov 14th 1901, aged 3 years.

MARY ANN, his beloved wife, died March 17th 1948, aged 86 years.

‘She lived for others’

SALLY, their daughter, loving wife of WALTER STERCHI, died Aug 26 1953, aged 57 years.

‘A flower amidst flowers

Faded too soon’

WALTER STERCHI, died Feb 13th 1956, aged 63 years.


Row 42 | 797 Hunter G657 | Wrecked sailing coble

In loving memory of THOMAS HUNTER, the beloved husband of MARY ANN HUNTER,

who was drowned near Bempton Cliffs, Sep 15th 1902, aged 55 years.

‘A dear one from our sight is gone

A voice we loved is stilled

A place is vacant in our home

Which never can be filled’

Also of MARY ANN, wife of the above, who died March 16 1917, aged 69 years.

‘A loving mother she has been

Many troubles she has seen

For all of us she did her best

May God grant her eternal rest’

Playing Catch-Up

I posted a photograph of Robert SKERRY’s headstone ten days ago but didn’t have time then to say anything about him. It is his birthday today so…

Robert SKERRY was born in Whitby, the son of James (AP 407 · death · 9 March) and Elizabeth BEADNELL. In 1841 he was with his mother, four brothers and a sister in Scarborough, in the home of maternal grandfather Robert Beadnell. Elizabeth may have inherited the Long Westgate property from her father but in 1851 her husband, a ship’s captain, is again away on census night. Robert is with her. The master mariner is home from the sea in 1871 and a “boarder” in the home of Wine and Spirit Merchant Robert DOBSON in Murray Street, Filey. Robert Skerry, still single in his mid-thirties, is listed as a “servant” and grocer’s assistant. (Robert Dobson is married to Mary Elizabeth née Skerry.) “Our Robert” married Naomi STOCKDALE four years later in Scarborough (as Robert SHERRY in FreeBMD). In 1881, Robert is a grocer and provisions dealer on Queen Street. Naomi is 42 and I don’t think she had any children. The mariner is with the couple and would outlive his son by a couple of years. Naomi was 87 when she died in 1925. (Her parents were the anniversary couple on 3 July.)

Anne Maria LOWISH was the second daughter born to Richard LOWISH of East Heslerton and Mary Ann HALL of West Burton. Richard, a yeoman farmer, moved from Heslerton to Church Cliff Farm, Filey, after the birth of Jane Elizabeth. Almost three years after Anne Marie’s baptism at St Oswald’s, Martin was born at the farm. A few weeks later, Richard sold up, requested that creditors paid him and then took his young family to North America.

Anne Marie married at 18 and died aged 67 in Vigo County, Indiana.

In 1901, George Andrew DUNN and Marjorie SAGAR lived in Sowerby Bridge, less than a half-hour walk away from each other. They probably went to the same school and were childhood friends. Ten years later the Dunn family had moved to Seaforth, hard by the Bootle Docks in Liverpool. The distance between them was now almost 70 miles – and yet they married eight years later. What led to them marrying at Filey St Oswald’s? Their daughter Margaret Kilpatrick Dunn, born in 1923 in Liverpool, is with them at the start of the Second World War – in Saddleworth Road Elland, about three miles from Sowerby Bridge. George, 45, is working as a Master Dyer.

Richard FERRARI was born in Dewsbury, the son of Archie, a warehouseman in the rag trade, and Annie FISHER. Richard married Jessie HOLMES at St Oswald’s on 16 October 1937. In September 1939 Richard was a Wool and Rag Merchant in Dewsbury, living at 15 Reservoir Street with Jessie.

Richard seems to have chosen to retire in Filey. He died in 1979, his last address given as Royal Crescent Court.

This is all I have on Mary KEPPELL. There are no other people in my database with this family name.

With a variety of middle names, Mary can be found in 82 member trees on Find my Past. But what if Keppell is her married name?

In the 1939 Register, there is a widow, Mary E. CAPELL born 7 April 1866 in Sewstern, Leicestershire – but she died 4 years later. And there is a widow Mary C. KEBBELL in Ashbourne, Derbyshire, born 31 October 1867. There were no hits for Mary KEPPELL and variants of the family name two years on either side of her birth and death years. One census returns a Mary Keppell born in India. That would explain the paucity of GRO Births – but the transcriber should have plumped for HEPPELL. I give up. (I don’t think she can have been one of the “high society” Mary Keppells.)

Field 16 · Filey Fields

54.220892, -0.297634

A Picture of Elinor

Elinor CLARKE was born in Manchester to paper stainer John Dennison and Jane née SKELTON. At eighteen, the census catches her as a schoolmistress on the Fylde coast. She may not have had to work for a living for long. Twenty years later she was paying her way with “interest from monies” and died as one of Filey’s wealthiest inhabitants. See Lady Elinor but note that links to the British Library Web Archive have broken.

She was “a friend of Queen Victoria” but is poorly presented on the Shared Tree. There must be photographs of her somewhere, but I have yet to see one. Here is a word picture of her funeral.

See also, Fox Hunt.

Maria is one of three children baptised on this date in 1860 at St Oswald’s. (The others are Christiana LORRIMAN and Jane GREEN.) Mary Ann LYON (sometimes LION) was only eighteen when she married George STONE the previous November. How did Victorian teenagers feel about burying their first child? When the enumerator called on 7 April 1861, Maria was no more. Mary Ann was lodging in Wenlock Place with Widow COLLEY and George is elsewhere but must have returned because two more children would arrive and take his name – Mary Jane in 1863 and Robert in 1866. (George and Mary Ann were living in Bridlington in 1866 but brought Robert to Filey to be baptised.)

On the Shared Tree Maria could hardly be more isolated.

William NOCKELLS and Ann Elizabeth Bloom BARRETT married at Filey St Oswald’s but both had been born in Norfolk. After marriage, they settled in Scarborough to raise a family. I picked up six children in the GRO Index but haven’t found the parents on the Shared Tree yet.

Abstract 105 · Sandscape

Google Alt-Text: A close-up of a person’s face

Buried Alive

Kate Mary RICKARD is an anniversary person today because the Reverend COOPER recorded her burial on this date.

This could be correct but the inscription on the family headstone says otherwise.

The two sources agree that the child had lived for seven months. I went with the headstone date when creating an ID for Kate three years ago, and seem not to have wanted to complicate matters with the burial source.

Row 20 | 1432 Rickard D231

In loving memory of the following beloved children of WILLIAM & HANNAH MARIA RICKARD:

HENRY HEADLEY died April 5th 1894 aged 5 years.

EDITH ANNIE died March 14th 1891 aged 9 months.

KATE MARY died Sept 17th 1893 aged 7 months.

ELSIE MAY died Dec 19th 1895 aged 13 months.

Crimlisk Survey 1977

Correction: William Hankes 1839-1884

Row 20 | D233 Pearson 1430 | Cross

In loving memory of RICHARD HAXBY PEARSON, the beloved son of FRANK and MARY PEARSON, died May 30 1916, aged 20 years.

‘Too dearly loved to be forgotten

Died for his country’

Also, the above FRANCIS H. PEARSON, who died Aug 5th 1927, aged 61 years.

‘Until the day break and the shadows flee away’

And of MARY PEARSON, a devoted wife and mother, died Feb 28 1950, aged 84 years.

‘Peace perfect peace’

Crimlisk Survey 1977

Elizabeth STEPHENSON was born in Reighton to Grindwell and Rachel née WOODSWORTH. She married a Huddersfield man and following the wedding I think he took her to the West Riding to set up a home. In 1881 Grindwell, a farmer, had a Huddersfield-born grandson with him at Ganstead (just outside Hull) but the lad’s surname is given as Stephenson. Five years later, Grindwell’s death was registered in that city. He was 70 years old. I have not been able to follow George and Elizabeth to their last days.

William HANKES is the father of recently remembered Hilda Charlotte and the son of William Smith Hankes (death 8 April).

Abstract 104 · Gravestone Lichen