Ruth Cockle

Another singleton on Filey Genealogy & Connections, arriving in the town from nowhere and buried on this date in 1908 in an unmarked grave, aged 81.

She was born Ruth STUBBINGS in Royston, Cambridgeshire, the daughter of James, a rope maker. Fourteen years old in 1841, she was a servant to Joseph READ in Ely, living in. She married Charles COCKLE in 1848. He was an agricultural labourer who would later describe himself as a farmer, though he had only eight acres to work. They raised a family of six children in Wentworth, and when all had flown the nest one way or another, they moved a couple of miles to Coveney. Charles worked on the land for a few more years and Ruth kept a small shop. It would appear that neither had strayed more than a few miles from the villages of their birth in seven decades. So what enticed or propelled Ruth to the Yorkshire coast after Charles’ death in 1896? Their last child to leave home was Emily, who became a schoolmistress. I wonder if she could help. Alas, my hours were drastically cut today and I didn’t have time to chase after her.

Flight of Fancy 53 · Rock Face

Filey Brigg


He was Walter ADDIMAN on Filey Genealogy & Connections, birth 13 September 1902, death 10 January 1980. That’s it, bare bones – except for a sad description of Walter at the end of his life provided by Kath.

Walter had set his house on fire at 1 (think it’s No. 2) Rutland Street. It was a heap – there were bottles on the steps full of urine apparently. Totally unable to look after himself.  He was in a state himself when he was admitted [to Silver Birches?]. Died early one morning – at breakfast time.  He had been a blacksmith and had worked near to Ravine Top, where he made small anchors and fishermen’s equipment in his younger days.

I was surprised to find him on the Shared Tree with his parents Arthur Maxwell ADDYMAN and Margaret Emma BROADLEY. Three sources point to his birth at Darley, by the river Nidd – a few miles before it flows past Harrogate. He grew up with two younger brothers. They lost their mother when Walter was sixteen. I didn’t find him in the 1939 Register, or any other source that gave his occupation. He was not short of a bob or two when he died.

The Shared Tree shows that many of his forebears had lived in much better circumstances. Following his Maxwell line should bring you to Robert the Bruce, King of Scots. I wonder if Walter knew he was related to the recently departed Queen of England, and the present King of the Great Reset.

Mary Ann was the youngest daughter of Richard MAJOR and Mary Ann Cammish HAXBY. Her parents were remembered on 21 March (marriage anniversary) and older brother Thomas Cammish Major on 17 January (baptism). Mary Ann was with her widowed mother and younger brother John Robert at 9 Ebenezer Terrace in September 1939. While her mother carried out unpaid domestic duties, young Mary worked as a “domestic cook general” and John as “butchers assistant slaughterman”. Neither sibling married and they share a memorial in St Oswald’s churchyard.

Ann CAPPLEMAN’s first husband, Thomas Bradley BURN, died less than four years after their marriage. After a similar length of time as a widow, Ann married bachelor Andrew HUNTER. They had five children together.

Row 33 | 679 Hunter G537

‘We all do fade as a flower’

In loving memory of ANNIE, the beloved wife of ANDREW HUNTER of Filey, who died April 7th 1904, aged 63 years.

‘She’s gone, the one we loved so dear

to her eternal rest;

She’s gone to Heaven, we have no fear,

to be forever blest’

Also, the above ANDREW HUNTER, who died July 4th 1928, aged 80 years.

‘At rest’

Mary, daughter of Robert Daniel WHITE and Hannah MALTON, was born in Scarborough and married Vincent HIPPLE there in 1932. FG&C has given them a son and a daughter. Vincent was almost thirty when the Second World War began but he went with a unit of the Royal Corps of Signals to the Far East and was captured by the Japanese. I don’t know if he was put to work on the Burma-Siam railway. He died on 21 July 1945 of Broncho pneumonia and Tropical typhus (source) and is buried at Kanchanaburi War Cemetery. Mary died at the Rambla Nursing Home in Scarborough (FG&C).

Row 1 |1023 Hankes D8w | Celtic cross

HILDA CHARLOTTE HANKES, daughter, born July 9th 1876, died Sept 10th 1962.

Crimlisk Survey 1977

See Miss Hankes.

Amphibian 2 · Froglet

Crescent Gardens Lily Pond

Mark of Man 98 · Promenade

Hannah BARNETT was baptised at Filey St Oswald’s and in her fourth decade, as a single woman, she married 45-year-old widower Thomas Hyde SIMPSON there. Thomas was a publican from New Wortley, Leeds, the son of a locomotive engineer. Twenty years later, Thomas had retired and the couple lived in Beeston Hill, Hunslet. Hannah was widowed on Christmas Eve 1919.

Sometimes, couples marry twice within a few days, usually in their home parishes if miles apart. So, David SHIELDS may have married Rosanna FOX on 10 September 1882 in Sewerby with Marton, as indicated on their Shared Tree pedigree, and again two days later at Filey St Oswald’s. (Their two children were born in Sewerby cum Marton.)

Note Rosanna’s signature in the marriage register.

The Perpignan Air Disaster

Official Final Report of the accident (in French). Link to pdf at the bottom of the page.

Hannah Maria was the eldest daughter of John LAWSON, a flax and tow machine maker. On 16 September 1858, she married solicitor John LATIMER at All Saints, Church, Leeds. They had a son and four daughters, all born in Leeds. In 1896, on the anniversary of her parent’s marriage, youngest daughter Rose Audrey married Reginald William SHARP at Filey St Oswald’s. Hannah Maria signed the register as a witness.

She died four years later and a cross in the churchyard remembers her – and her daughter Rose.

Row 50 | 900 Sharp G759 | Cross

H. M. LATIMER, 8th Sept 1900, widow of the late JOHN LATIMER of Leeds.

‘It is well’

R. A. SHARP, 18th April 1934, wife of R. W. SHARP of Charlton Kings.

Crimlisk Survey 1977

Measure of Man 86 · Coble Landing

High Tide

Thomas PASHBY and Ann Jane McINYTRE have not yet been given any of their twelve children on the Shared Tree. Rachel McIntyre is number seven. In 1902 she married a “telegraph wireman” in Scarborough. William GREEN was born in Manchester but was aboard the Hull trawler Diamond when it was wrecked that year on the coast near Filey. All the crew was rescued and taken to the Foord’s Hotel in Queen Street. Rachel was a cook by occupation and Kath speculates on Filey Genealogy and Connections that this event may have brought the couple together. They had seven children.

Row 9 | 229 Green G159 Granite

In loving memory of a devoted husband and dad, WILLIAM GREEN, died 16th May 1948, aged 68.

Also, his dear wife, RACHEL McINTYRE GREEN, reunited 12th Jan 1955, aged 75.

‘At rest’

In 1851, Adelaide Mary SPOFFORTH was the youngest of seven children at Easthorpe Hall a mile and a half as the crow flies from Castle Howard. Her father was a “proprietor of land”, so you might reasonably expect Adelaide to have been a regular visitor to the Bigger House. I hope she had a happy childhood because, sadly, she died before the year was out.

There are two Shared Tree IDs for Robert SIMPSON. One (MGZS-WNT) takes you to his birth family, headed by Lancelot Simpson and Mary MOSEY. The other shows him with his wife Ann née SIMPSON and three children. The youngest child, John, was born after the beginning of civil registration and he has a record in the GRO Index. His mother’s death was registered in 1839. FG&C has given her six children in her eight years or so of marriage. This seems too many. The Shared Tree gives her three, of whom only John born in 1838 may be the same person in both resources. This couple will take more time to sort out than I have, with “Six a Day” to look at.

George WARCUP was born in Flamborough to William, a fisherman, and Sarah DUKE. George died on the day his father was buried in Flamborough St Oswald’s churchyard. Kath posed the question on FG&C – “did something awful other than the funeral happen that day?” One record I have indicates that George was buried at Flamborough two weeks after he died. The family headstone is poker-faced.

In affectionate remembrance of WILLIAM WARCUP, who departed this life on the 8th of September 1872, aged 62 years.

Also of SARAH his wife, who departed this life on the 14th of August 1866, aged 56 years.

Also of WILLIAM, son of the above, who was drowned on the 26th of January 1865, aged 32 years.

Also of ELIZABETH, daughter of the above, who departed this life on the 14th of May 1854, aged 20 years.

Also of GEORGE, son of the above, who departed this life on the 11th of September 1872, aged 24 years.

‘Them which sleep in Jesus will God

 Bring with Him’ 1 Thess. 4.14.

The death notices of both men in the Bridlington Free Press, 14 September, give nothing away, other than to claim George was 25, not 24.

The St Oswald’s burial register entry doesn’t actually offer a date for George’s interment but gives his age as 25. The previous burial was on the 13th and the next on the 26th of September.

I couldn’t find newspaper reports of the deaths of father or son.

Row 39 | 756 Hunter G614  

In loving memory of ROBERT VAREY HUNTER, who died Sept 8th 1918, aged 63 years.

‘Christ will link the broken chain

When in Heaven we meet again’

Also of his wife MARGARET EDMOND HUNTER, interred at Brampton, who died Oct 16th 1946, aged 89 years.

Found Object 73 · Beach Ball

Mary Ellen HIRST has a FamilySearch ID in orange italics because she has been “killed off” too soon. Her parents seem to have more IDs than they need but my days of tackling merges on the Shared Tree are over. Mary Ellen’s mother was the widow HANSON when she married Henry. She had been married for less than four years to a painter – an artist – who I have not been able to track down. Both Mary Ellen and her mother died in Sheffield in their late eighties but an unusual grave in St Oswald’s churchyard remembers them.

Row 22 1462 Hirst D252 Paved Area

MARY ELLEN, daughter of HENRY and HANNAH HIRST 1864 – 1953.

In loving memory of HENRY HIRST, 1823 – 1915.

HANNAH, his wife,1828 – 1917

GEORGE, their son,1860 – 1878

JENNIE, their daughter,1858 – 1916

Filey born Elizabeth KITCHEN married James Soutter STEAD in Northallerton just after Christmas 1895 and raised a large family with him. James, three years older than Elizabeth, was born in Osmotherley. Both died in Northallerton, (James six years before his wife).

John Stanley BIRD, a waggon builder from Doncaster, married Rose at St Oswald’s in 1929. They don’t appear to have had children. John’s last address was 6 Hope Street and his death was registered in Buckrose, not Croydon.

Row 7 1184 Gardner D86

In loving memory of ANN, wife of ROBERT GARDNER, who died Nov 6th 1909, aged 63 years.

‘She’s gone, the one we loved so dear

To her eternal rest.

She’s gone to Heaven we have no fear

Where she is ever blest’

Also, WILLIAM SCOTT GARDNER, son of the above, who died Dec 18th 1886, aged 11 months.

Also of the above ROBERT GARDNER, who died Sept 10th 1912, aged 74 years.

At Rest’

Alfred OSBOURNE and Eliza Jane WAITES have only two children on the Shared Tree at the moment. Bessie is one of five more that they brought into the world. Some online trees have Bessie’s father dying in the Great War when she was four years old but I’m not sure about this. I think there may be two Alfreds and they have been mixed up. At marriage, Arthur was a “dealer”, the same occupation as his father, George. Some trees say Alfred’s father was Thomas Oliver, or just Oliver, a bricklayer from Cambridge. CWGC doesn’t provide age or next of kin information.

Beach 175 · Muston Sands

Filey Genealogy & Connections tells us that Elizabeth CRAWFORD was born in Reynolds Yard but most of her childhood was lived just around a corner in Alma Terrace. She was baptised at the old Primitive Methodist Chapel on 24 September+. Until the age of fourteen, she was pretty much an only child. A brother showed up in 1871 and a sister in 1874 but neither stayed for long. Matthew died four days after he was baptised and Sarah Ann just over a week. Her younger sisters were eleven and nine when she married Henry HORSLEY.

Elizabeth’s first three children shared eleven weeks of life between them. Ethel was living with her mother at 8 West Parade in September 1939. She was 46 years old and single; Elizabeth had been a widow for twenty years and died about seven months later. FG&C says she was buried in St Oswald’s churchyard on 6 May+ but there is no memorial and I could not find the burial register entry.

+ Check and add to Shared Tree Vitals

Frances Margaret HARRISON, the firstborn of master painter William James and Margaret née PINKNEY from Patrington, was baptised at Filey St Oswald’s. Following the birth of her brother John Pinkney towards the end of the following year, William took his family to Beverley, his hometown, thinking that trade would be better there I suspect. I don’t know where Frances was enumerated in 1861 but she was at the altar of St John & St Martin Beverley on 7 July 1864+ to exchange vows with Watton gardener Thomas RICHARDSON. Thomas took her to Watton and in 1871 they were lodging with his widowed mother, Hannah. Thomas died in 1889 aged 57; on census night 1891 Frances was with her parents in Beverley. I failed to find a death record for her and turned to marriage sources instead. She married William TAYLOR, a retired hairdresser from Hull in 1898. He was 72, fifteen years her senior, but they were still together in 1911 at 37 Lambert Street, Sculcoates, a small terrace property they had occupied for over ten years.

Google Street View

William died in 1914 aged 88. Frances had died earlier, on 29 November 1912+, leaving £1,190 in her will to an unspecified beneficiary (Source: Leeds Mercury 1 February 1913).

+ Check and add to Shared Tree Vitals

FG&C notes that Joseph William PAYNTER and Sarah Ann Cammish HAXBY divorced but doesn’t give a date for this, or for Sarah’s second marriage to Ernest “Fred” REES. Ernest died in Q4/1996 aged 83 and Sarah in Q1/2003 aged 87.

John COLLING, son of William Johnson “Bullocky” Colling and Mary Elizabeth SAYERS, and husband of Zena HANWELL.

Kath notes on Florence Mary RAPER’s record on FG&C – “I haven’t proved she was Florence Mary Hall yet”.

An unphotographable kerb in the churchyard, 2038 Hall F197, offers these names –

WILLIAM HALL 1873 – 1939

ADELAIDE his wife 1874 – 1958


Beach 174 · Muston Sands

correction Albert DANBY 1899-1985

There are only two births on the list today. Elsie HARTLEY arrived in Blackburn and departed in Grimsby eighty-eight years later. She has a place on Filey Genealogy & Connections because she had the good fortune to marry John Carl ROSS (birthday 29 July). The death of Mary JENKINSON, wife of William WATKINSON, was remembered here on the first day of the year. William was born in Filey and baptised at St Oswald’s on his third day. Sandwiched between these two dates – marriage to Mary on 9 September 1865. My RootsMagic database shows that eleven children were born to them – and all of them married. I don’t have the time to compare my update of FG&C with the Shared Tree in detail but a cursory look doesn’t raise any red flags. I appear to win the grandchildren count by 49 to 36 but who knows what the true totals are?

RootsMagic 8 screenshot

Ann WOOD was baptised at Filey St Oswald’s and married William LAZENBY there while still a minor. They appear to have begun their married lives in Sherburn before moving to West Heslerton, William’s home village, where most of their children were born. In 1891 the census enumerator found them in Keld Gate, Beverley, with four children who are said to have been born in the town, including Clara and Charles who were West Heslerton-born ten years earlier. (Their births were registered in the Malton Union.) Ann is also shown to have been born in Beverley and is aged 55, four years older than she should be. Curiously, there is a death record for Ann Lazenby, 55, in the December Quarter of 1891 – in Beverley. I have left her year of death “open” on the grid.

Frances Mary WILLIS was born in Filey and married Staithes-born ironstone miner William Thomas PORRITT at the Ebenezer in 1913. In 1939 William was working as a bricklayer’s labourer and living at 3 Belle Vue Street with Frances and their daughter Ann Willis Porritt, 20 years old and working as a shop assistant. She married Terence Bradford COLLINS towards the end of 1946. With the Porritt family in September 1939 was Marie OUTWAITE (sic), 47, married, and an “Evacuee Helper”.

Albert DANBY married Winifred LOWE in 1928 in Ecclesall Bierlow. They were for some time newsagents in Union Street. In a note on FG&C, Kath declares Albert to have been a “lovely man” who sadly succumbed to Alzheimer’s in 1985, two years or so after the death of Winifred.

Matilda MONKMAN is a younger sister of Henry, burial anniversary 28 August. I have not found the cause of her early death.

It’s Not Looking Good

Unattributed Artist

Liz Truss is a woman more bloodthirsty than Hillary Clinton with one-tenth of her gravitas. The British people certainly deserve better because no one should be treated to such depravity. She is a band-aid on an open wound festering as the hounds of winter circle in for the kill.

Tom Luongo

Liz Truss v. Graham Phillips

Alfred Bird STATHERS see Stathers the Chemist

Row 10 1249 Johnson D123

In affectionate remembrance of THOMAS JOHNSON, who died Feb 18 1870, aged 56 years.

Also, MARY, his beloved wife, who died May 19 1897, aged 77 years.

Also, five sons of the above, George died Sep 7 1847 aged 7 years; WILLIAM, EDMUND, HENRY AND JOSEPH, died in infancy

‘Watch for ye know not what

Hour your Lord doth come’

Also, ELSIE, great granddaughter of the aboveand daughter of TOM and MARY JOHNSON.

(Stone partly buried)

Crimlisk Survey 1977

Row 39 1630 Skerry D390

In loving memory of ROBERT SKERRY, who died at Harrogate, September 3rd 1886, aged 50 years.

‘His end was peace’

Crimlisk Survey 197

Mark of Man 98 · Somewhere in Filey

Death in a Distant Country

Basil Freer BEVERLEY is a singleton on Filey Genealogy & Connections, with a note that he was born in Ilkley to parents William Anthony, a wool merchant, and Anna Maria. His birth was, however, registered in Scarborough and baptism at St Oswald’s points to him being born in Filey.  

He accidentally drowned in the Western Nara Canal on the first day of June 1911 at the age of 25 years and 11 months. He was working as an Assistant Engineer for the Public Works Department, the place of death given as Tharri Mohbat Taluka  Mehar, District Larkhana, Sind. A canal runs through the town today.

The Superintending Engineer has communicated the death of Mr Beverley to his father at Weston-super-Mare by the mail leaving Karachi 8th June 1911.

Government Report

The distance from Tharri Mohbbat to Weston is a little over 5,000 miles by road.

On Filey Genealogy & Connections, the parents of Thomas COULTAS and his wife’s maiden surname are not known. His birth on 6 September 1843 is noted and he has a son called William Riby.

FamilySearch begs to differ.

I ran with William Riby for a while because FG&C is my default starting position. I found soon enough that the Shared Tree was closer to the truth.

William Riby’s parents are John William Coultas and Mary Ann COOKE. They are not married yet on the Shared Tree.

But Thomas is the focus here. He was unsure where he was born if the census returns are anything to go by Brompton, Crosscliff, Ebberston, and Wykeham all get a mention. His father William was a farm labourer but in 1861 Thomas was apprenticed to shoemaker Shae APPLEBY in Burniston. Thomas’ younger sister was born in the village that year and the Coultas family was living at 36 High Street, Burniston ten years later. Thomas was with them, working as a shoemaker, and younger brother John, 19, was a “shipsmith”. (That’s how I read it!) A few doors along the street, laundress Hannah BOOTH, 29, was living with her widowed mother Mary. They had a lodger, shoemaker Robert IRELAND, 19. I don’t know how long Thomas and Hannah had been courting but they married three months later at St Mary’s Church in Scarborough.

Four children were born to the couple in the following decade but Hannah died in 1882 aged 40, when her youngest child, William Robert, was only two. Thomas waited seventeen years before marrying again. He was living in Burniston with Elizabeth and William Robert in 1891. At 4, Fish Yard in Scarborough in 1901 he was with the former widow ABRAM, two of her sons and his own Elizabeth Ann, a domestic servant. In 1911 he had given up making shoes and was, with his wife Mary Ann, taking care of the house of a presumably wealthy spinster, Laura Anne JACKSON in Westfield Terrace

Although they married at St Oswald’s, James HOWGATE and Hannah Jane FOX were both born in Dewsbury, children of woollen cloth manufacturers. The knot is waiting to be tied on the Shared Tree.

Luke BULMER’s mother Mary was the “birthday girl” on the 1st of March.

Out of time to search for William BROOKS.

Found Object 72 · Spoon

Path 180 · Black Cliff

Gail’s Garden

Harry BARROWCLOUGH was born in Sheffield, the son of a rod roller. He married Mabel FLETCHER in the Steel City in 1928. Their daughter Elaine connected to Filey’s most populous family when she married Thomas Edward “Tint” JENKINSON in 1956. Thomas Edward’s father is on the Shared Tree as “Tom” (GSKY-9VT) but is not yet married.

Tom Nicholson Hodgson BRIGGS’ father, a native of Lancashire, kept the Foords Hotel in Queen Street for a short time in the middle of the 19th century. The boy has not been given a death date on the Shared Tree yet but he has a younger brother called Tom Ridley Nicholson Briggs. A Blue Hint reveals that Tom the First was buried in St Oswald’s churchyard on 17 November 1849. The family moved to Herefordshire and Tom the Second was enumerated with his parents at Yazor. Father William was then working as a railway foreman. Tom died before the age of fifty but he married  Sarah Ellen RAWCLIFFE from Pendleton in 1879.  Three children were with them in 1891, when Tom was working as a steam engine fitter near Wigan.   

James Moor FISH was born in Owston, Lincolnshire. Rachel GOFTON caught him in Filey in 1846. (Nine years earlier, her older sister Jane had married John KILLINGBECK, the poor man whose life would be ended by an express train. Anniversary 31 March.) Family Search has given James and Rachel four children so far. I think they had a couple more in Sheffield – George Gofton in 1864 and Robert in 1867.

George Leonard LANSDELL’s father was a Lincolnshire lad who crossed the Humber with his parents. (Several siblings were born in East Yorkshire.) He worked as a farm bailiff at North Burton in 1881, moving shortly thereafter to Driffield. He was a hind at Willerby in 1901. Records show that George Leonard’s older brother Joseph emigrated to Canada in 1912. Young George may have accompanied him. Joseph travelled with his wife Frances Maude – one of the Folkton WINTRINGHAMs. George married Clara Myrtle SMALLEY in Yellow Grass, Saskatchewan.  He died in the same city, Weyburn – and in the same year – as his sister-in-law Frances Maude.  

Hannah FERGUSON married Robert SCOTTER in the second quarter of 1874. Kath notes on Fley Genealogy & Connections –

She was 20yrs old when she died, not 21. She’d just had a baby, and like so many women, probably died during or just after giving birth.

A headstone that cannot now be found remembers her  – and the son who lingered for 22 days after his mother died (Source: St Oswald’s Burial Register.)

In affectionate remembrance of HANNAH, the beloved wife of ROBERT SCOTTER, who died Sept 3rd 1874, aged 21 years.

‘Farewell dear friends and husband dear

For we shall meet no more

Till we be rais’d with Christ to dwell

On Zion’s happy shore’

Also, ROBERT son of the above, died in infancy

‘Safe in the arms of Jesus’