Mystery Ship

20190102alfa italiarainbow1_7mThe crude oil tanker Alfa Italia appeared in Filey Bay yesterday afternoon. I took a snap of her during a rain shower as the sun was setting. Twenty-four hours later, the vessel remains at anchor, an object of some curiosity. A few miles away, out of sight at the southern side of Flamborough Head, two more tankers, Sarpen and Thornbury, are going nowhere. All three may be just waiting for orders to proceed to their next revenue-generating destinations.

LONDON (Reuters) 3 January: Oil prices fell slightly on Thursday amid volatile currency and stock markets, coupled with concerns that an economic slowdown in 2019 will curb fuel demand just as crude supplies are surging.

tetney oil depot

Alfa Italia, under a Bahamian flag, is high in the water and recently departed the Tetney Oil Terminal in the Humber. She presumably pumped her last cargo of crude ashore there. Google Earth doesn’t show any terminal infrastructure but there are storage tanks inland, about four miles from deep water. This oil depot seems to be owned by the Tetney Port Company. Black gold moves in mysterious ways.

The light was a little brighter on my morning walk for a zoom-in view of Alfa Italia.