A Bigger Picture

Mainly thanks to Kath’s three decades of work on Filey Genealogy & Connections, Mary’s horizons are considerably extended in my RootsMagic database.

The forebears of Joseph Ernest EDWARDS took several hours to figure out. His maternal grandparents were Yorkshire folk and his father, Joseph, had Staffordshire and Shropshire roots. Anne CORDINER, his Pickering grandmother, has yet to marry Thomas TINDALL on the Shared Tree. She would marry a Nottinghamshire man after Thomas died. John CULLIN was a lodging house keeper on the Crescent in Filey and Joseph Ernest and his parents were residing with him across four censuses (1871 to 1901). For most of this time, Father Joseph was a schoolmaster with Wesleyan connections. His son started out as a draper’s assistant, then opened his own shop on Queen Street. He failed to make a go of it and in 1911, aged 39 and single, he was a caretaker at a club in Hunmanby. I have more work to do but will attempt to put a RootsMagic Tree together over the next few days.

Duke CARTER is remembered on the TYSON headstone (William, AP 625 · marriage · 14 April).

I haven’t had time today to determine his place in the family. In 1911 he was enumerated at a farm near Hunmanby, where he was a horseman and head shepherd. He was born in Great Thurlow, Suffolk and may not may have been related by blood to the Abbott, Binnington, Tyson or Ward families.

George REDSHAW (sometimes READSHAW) was born and buried in Thwing. He was a carrier and probably visited Filey hundreds of times in a long working life. He is another singleton in Filey Genealogy and Connections and Kath has added this to his record –

Note in Parish Register: In the death of George Redshaw, another interesting character has been removed from our midst, as he was for a great number of years one of the carriers & was highly esteemed in the parish & neighbourhood.

He married Mary WALTON in 1855 and they had three sons. Mary died in 1891. George junior married Elizabeth ARMSTRONG from Trimdon in County Durham, in 1894.

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Nine Children

I put James and Ann ROBINSON’s headstone on the Shared Tree yesterday, but it also remembered three children who died in infancy and I needed more time to gather in their vital records. None were immediately apparent on FamilySearch.

This was the picture first thing this morning.

James indicated on the 1911 census form that Ann had borne nine children in fifty years of marriage and three had died. I discovered that five children had married and the sixth had given birth to one daughter out of wedlock. Two children had a FamilySearch ID. I created identities for the others and you can see them all here.

The inscription on the granite headstone is very difficult to read now but John and Maisie Crimlisk didn’t have a problem transcribing it forty years or so ago.

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