More Heat

The UK Met Office issued a Press Release early this morning – Top ten UK’s hottest years all since 2002. I don’t think many Brits will have noticed the warming trend. An annual average degree or two, either way, gets lost in the changeability of weather in these islands.

BBC Radio 4 News this morning mentioned the latest State of the UK Climate report but remains silent on where the action is at the moment. Nick Humphrey draws our attention to the Arctic, Alaska and Siberia.

Anyone for Tennis?

BBC Radio Five Live woke me this morning with news that “heat issues” in New York City had forced the retirement of five male competitors in the US Open. The chaps considered conditions were “dangerous”, with the on-court temperature at 38ºC, and 50% humidity.  Tournament organizers implemented an extreme heat policy in men’s matches for the first time. I wonder what conditions will be like next year.

CNN comes in for much criticism and ridicule for the propaganda it serves up in its “News” broadcasts, but this afternoon I happened upon a report by Clarissa Ward from the most rapidly warming part of the world – the Arctic – and I can’t find a single degree of fault with it.

IdlibProvSyriaA warning of a different kind has been put out by the Russian military – of a possible chemical weapon attack on civilians in Idlib province. “Rebel” shipments of chlorine have been tracked to the small town of Jisr al-Shughur (inset)  and on to a village nearby. Waiting there for their fifteen minutes of dubious fame are Assad-hating Syrians who will play dead for White Helmeted videographers. Their performance will be all over social media in no time. The Syrian government will be blamed for killing its own citizens and the Axis of Evil, all too predictably, will launch Tomahawk missiles into Damascus. Time to be ashamed of being British again.

The Russian Federation did not respond to the April false flag attack in Douma. But very soon the Eastern Mediterranean will be hosting fleets of armed-to-the-teeth vessels from both sides. What could possibly go wrong?

I’m not sure my countrymen and women are concerned that they are not being informed about another upcoming conflict sparked by lies. They are just happy that Strictly Come Dancing and The Great British Bake Off are back on their TV screens.  Christmas can’t be far away.

With Parry to the Arctic

JohRUDDOCK_ParryVoyage2A gathering of  Filey folk 158 years ago demonstrated the esteem the town had for John RUDDOCK. They were most appreciative of his efforts for the Lifeboat Service and his support for the Harbour of Refuge scheme, but a newspaper report of the event didn’t mention his two adventures in the frozen North with Commander PARRY. I like to think he may be one of the men shown playing cricket on the ice, him being a Yorkshireman and all. (Inset picture: HMS Fury and Hecla in winter quarters near Igloolik,1822-23. Frontispiece to vol. 1 of Parry’s account, ‘Journal of a second voyage for the discovery of a North-West Passage…’ [BL: G.7394]; see Farthest North Cricket and other Arctic sports).

I wrote about John in a Looking at Filey post – Arctic Dreams. He married widow Mary Ann Dunn née RICHARDSON when he was 32 years old and the couple doesn’t appear to have had any children. They have limited pedigrees on Filey Genealogy & Connections and the FamilySearch tree.