The Beetles

Filey Bay beaches last sported surprising tidelines about sixteen months ago, when a passing ship flushed paraffin wax (I think) from its tanks.


This morning, the high tide had been marked by beetles, all lives extinguished.


“Plague” and “locusts” were obvious first thoughts, followed by some sympathy for the critters. Insects haven’t been doing too well lately – though they could still inherit the earth when we’re done with it (or when our once beautiful planet rids itself of us).

The Scarborough News found someone who could explain what had befallen Lochmaea suturalis.

Landscape 112 · Arndale


Two More Views of Arndale

Yesterday’s Image featured a Transcore digger. I photographed it again the next day – a wider view from the path, looking north. (Viewpoint in Today’s Image, eight steps up.)


For old time’s sake, I photographed the scene again this morning, from roughly the same position.


Mavis’ Seat, partially hidden by the compressor four years ago, has been replaced by a new bench. The Wolds Way fingerpost of 2016 “disappeared” a couple of years ago and awaits a replacement. The winch is made of sterner stuff. (I wonder when it last hauled a yacht up the hill from the Sailing Club.)