954 Arnold C12Replacement Stone

Remembered with love, our parents STEPHEN ERIC ARNOLD Priest, 1886 – 1966,

and LILY ARNOLD, 1900 – 1984.

(Stephen’s dates given previously: 18th Sept 1886, 23rd Feb 1966

Crimlisk Survey 1977 updated

Stephen’s father, William Robert ARNOLD, farmed at Notton near Barnsley – and married a farmer’s daughter. In 1901, Stephen was with his maternal grandparents at Wintersett, not far from Wakefield. Their address was “Angler’s Arms”, now the Anglers Retreat. The land nearby is now a Country Park.

Stephen would tend a number of flocks in his lifetime. He attended the College of the Resurrection in Mirfield and at the age of 24 was ordained into the Lincoln Diocese. From the parish of Wildmore in Lincolnshire he returned to his home patch, serving as a curate at Wakefield Cathedral between 1919 and 1924. He married Lily MORLEY in that church in 1924 and then went back to Lincolnshire to undertake pastoral work in a number of villages and hamlets – in roughly chronological order Usselby, New Cleethorpes, Benniworth with Market Stainton, Ranby, and East & West Keal. Stephen and Lily celebrated their Silver Wedding Anniversary in Woodhall Spa and eight years later found themselves in South Kelsey. I wonder what prompted them to cross the Humber and move to Filey.

Some sources

Stephen Eric ARNOLD

BIRTH: ARNOLD, Stephen Eric, Mother’s Maiden Surname: KENYON. GRO Reference: 1886 D Quarter in BARNSLEY UNION Volume 09C Page 164.


DEATH: Free BMD Deaths Mar 1966: ARNOLD Stephen E, Age at Death 79, SCARBORO 1B 1074.


Cliff Point House, 2018


BIRTH: MORLEY, Lily, Mother’s Maiden Surname: MERCER. GRO Reference: 1900 M Quarter in ASTON Volume 06D Page 419.

CENSUS: 115 Overton Road, Sheffield, Yorkshire, with parents William James and Clara Jane (MERCER), brothers William Henry & Frank. (2 siblings had died before 1911.)

DEATH: 1984, ARNOLD, Lily, Year of Birth: 1900. GRO Reference: DOR  Q3/1984 in BEDFORD (3091C) Volume 9 Page 195.

Mary, Mother of Walter

The adult life of Walter UNWIN was bookended by Filey. The first four of the nine children he had with Sarah Jane SEMPLE were born in the town between 1878 and 1884. The next three first saw light across the Pennines, in Horwich (Bolton Registration District). The family returned to the east coast where Filey girl Eva was born in 1894 and Maria two years later. Their parents are buried in St Oswald’s churchyard.


I found Walter on FamilySearch Tree and he seemed well set, grounded enough anyway to be given his wife and children, no questions asked. Once I’d completed that task I added the headstone photo as a memory. Before moving on, I noticed something odd.

One of the Record Hints attached to Walter offers the 1871 Census. This shows him as a 19-year-old Printer’s Apprentice in Barnsley, living with his parents, John and Mary. FST has his mother, “Mary Ann Hirst” dying in 1859. No worries. John married another Mary, surely?

The Record Hint for Mary Ann’s marriage gives her name as just Mary, the place Silkstone and the date 22 January 1837. There is an 1851 census source that places the couple in Thomas Street, Barnsley. They are both working as Hand Loom Weavers and have two children, Hannah (12) and William (3). Barnsley is given as the birthplace for all four. The years between the two children suggest infant Unwin deaths and the GRO records a William the First in 1845. (Both boys had the middle name Henry.) There was another lost boy recorded – Arthur – in 1856. The firstborn, Hannah, has a christening source on FST but I haven’t found her civil birth registration.

The next census, 1861, puts John at 2, Shambles Street, Barnsley, a widower with two sons, William Henry and Walter. There is a supporting GRO death registration for the former Mary Ann Hirst’s death in 1859 but John now has a housekeeper, his mother in law, Mary ROOK, a widow. John Unwin’s mother in law would have been Ann Hirst if she hadn’t died in 1853. And Ann’s husband supposedly died in 1862. So who exactly is widow Rook? Is this a different John Unwin who also happened to have sons called  William Henry and Walter? That John is now a “Time and Work Keeper in Factory” is a caution, but not really a surprise considering the extent to which machines had by this time taken the livelihoods of handloom weavers.

So, on to 1871 when John has a wife called Mary again. Mary who? She is 50 years old, born in Frickley, ten miles or so to the east of Barnsley. She may have been a widow when she married John, so I haven’t tried to trace her origins. I couldn’t find a marriage source but there is a death registration in Barnsley, June Quarter 1875, for a Mary Unwin born in 1821. Walter’s occupation, by the way, is given as “Printer’s Apprentice”.

In 1881, when Walter and Sarah Jane are living in Ravine Terrace, Filey, mourning the loss of their first two children, (and Walter is a “Printer Master Self-Employed”), John Unwin, a widower, 67, born Barnsley and a “former Clerk”, is staying with his younger brother William in Crowle, Lincolnshire.

I couldn’t find a death registration for John in the West Riding of Yorkshire or Lincolnshire, but in the March Quarter of 1887, a John Unwin of the right age died in Bolton, Lancashire. A few months later, the birth of William Henry Unwin was registered in the same place – John’s grandson, almost certainly.

John’s first wife was given as Mary HIRST, but I felt I needed more evidence to confirm she was the Mary Ann Hirst on FST. A little more digging turned up an 1841 census transcription for a household in Park Row, Silkstone, that contained John Hirst, a weaver, his wife Ann, a younger weaver John Unwin, his wife Mary and their 2-year-old daughter Hannah. (Relationships are presumed, not given.) The only issue on FST may be a mix up of sources for several girls called Mary and Mary Ann Hirst born within a year of each other in the same area of Yorkshire (Huddersfield and Barnsley).

Four christening sources from FST:-





If these can be resolved…