On the High Seas

Thirty-one years ago, an explosion in the pump room of SS Rapana, a Shell oil tanker,killed three men and badly injured another, about forty miles off the coast of Norway. The vessel was “modern” and had recently undergone a major refit in Malaysia but this thread on Ships Nostalgia suggests that the tragic event was an accident waiting to happen. The company seems to have failed in the duty of care it owed its employees.

Chief Officer David CAMMISH, 44 and a Filey man, was one of the trio killed instantly.

Though David was from the second most populous of Filey families and married a CAPPLEMAN (fifth in the charts), he is not represented in Filey Genealogy & Connections, nor on the FamilySearch Shared Tree. His wife Elizabeth Vera has a rich pedigree on her father’s side but one still has to go back two or three generations before they begin to appear on the Shared Tree. William Cappleman 1891-1972.

A tragedy on a much greater scale may unfold in the wake of HMS Defender, which crossed a line in the Black Sea on Tuesday – into the territorial waters of the Russian Federation. The UK regime’s assertion that Crimea belongs to Ukraine does not make it so. President Putin has explained what will happen if there is another provocation. With Exercise Sea Breeze 2021 launching in three days, we may not have long to wait to see if he is bluffing.

Beach 136 · Filey Sands

This year it rained most of the day but these two hardy souls seemed determined to enjoy their visit to the seaside.

A Muppet’s Christmas Message

Photographer Karen Williams, MoD (Open Government License) via Wikimedia Commons

HMS Echo is here. We firstly want to demonstrate the solidarity we have with Ukraine and the fact that Ukraine doesn’t stand alone, but also demonstrating our rights in order to be able to come to ports such as Odessa, for freedom of navigation, for freedom of navies to be able to operate in the Black Sea. This isn’t Russia’s Sea, this is an international sea.

The UK regime’s Secretary of State for Defence, speaking from the deck of Ukraine’s flagship Hetman Sahaydachniy in Odessa a few days ago.

On Saturday morning another muppet, former Defence Secretary Sir Michael Fallon, was sending his Christmas message to Putin. During a brief rant, he told BBC listeners that Russia had “seized” part of Ukraine. If he believes this he can believe anything.

Rick Wiles and his team discuss the “NATO wants war” issue on TRU News, from about minute 56.

Enjoy your Christmas folks. It could be your last.