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I broke a habit of several months yesterday and listened to the BBC News. A professor said that the Covid wards in his area’s hospitals had a patient population that was eighty to ninety per cent unvaxxed. In the circles I frequent, stats show the jabbed in the majority.

There are plenty of Covid datasets and graphs online but I found it difficult to resolve this particular discrepancy.

The Covid-19 vaccine surveillance report Week 50 has a Table (10b) that seems to indicate that the double jabbed are more likely to die within 60 days of a positive Covid test. A footnote explains why “anti-vaxxers” shouldn’t get too excited.

Table 11, if I read it correctly, indicates that the number of cases per 100,000 between Weeks 46 and 49 this year was almost equal. There are marked differences in age cohorts but, overall, 50.35% were double dosed and 49.65% unvaccinated.

PCR tests generate unreliable case numbers, but deaths within 28 and 60 days of a positive Covid test put clear water between modified humans and purebloods.

Between Week 46 and Week 49, per 100,000

28 days: 2 doses 64.6; unvaccinated 276.4

60 days: 2 doses 85.4; unvaccinated 303.4

A couple of weeks ago Lorraine Kelly bought the assertion of a TV doctor that 90% of people in hospital with Covid were not vaccinated. Full Fact investigated and came up with a surprising correction.

This evening on the BBC News I heard a war criminal’s views on mass jabbing. It’s no surprise that Tony Bliar thinks the unvaxxed are idiots but he seems to agree with the current regime that it is right to delay lockdown for a few more days. Cases have been rising in the last few weeks but hospitalizations and deaths from/with Covid have kept low, with a downward trend until today. Below is a graph I created recently using Worldometer data. (The hundredth day was 6th December.)

I have allowed 14 days to elapse between case notification and deaths (and a ten-day lead in to allow the death average to settle down a bit).

Today’s case number is reported to be over 100,000. Deaths will surely rise for a while now, but if Omicron is as mild as some suggest…

Merry Christmas from Spacebusters. (If the link doesn’t work, search for ‘It’s beginning to look a lot like genocide’.)

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The Lie

I mentioned yesterday that the regime’s “case figures” were rubbish. Paul Weston says they are criminal. I’m convinced.

The near future is looking grim for much of the world’s population. The horrors are piling up. Returning from my morning walk and before I started “work”, I read Robin Westenra’s take on our current situation – Nothing Ever Goes Away.

I think I’ll take his advice and focus on one thing in the time I have left, “to the exclusion of everything else”.

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The Difference 21 Days Make

The sight of brutal police pushing a woman to the ground at Saturday’s Anti-Lockdown Rally makes it clear what is coming next. The upholders of law take the knee to terrorists and split open the heads of the peaceful. How have we come to this?

Now, to the excuse for the tyranny – the new flu, made in China with American taxpayer funds.

The UK regime is tightening restrictions on our freedoms in ways that make no sense whatsoever. They say cases are rising “exponentially” – more people are testing positive for Covid-19. In truth, more people have residues of recent colds or the old strains of flu in their bodies. Perhaps one in five has Fauci Flu leftovers, are asymptomatic or have flu-like symptoms – and will more than likely live, unless they are over eighty-years old.

If the legitimacy of a positive test is suspect, Covid-19 as a cause of death within 28 days of a positive test is an affront to friends and family of the deceased.

But for argument’s sake, let us assume that positive tests for Covid and deaths with Covid are “things”.

For this month until yesterday, Covid-19’s lethality continues to wane on this crude measure – dividing daily reported “cases” by reported “deaths”. It takes time to go from infection by the new coronovirus to death by it (or with it), so it would be fairer to take this “lag” into account. Because they are such rubbish, I haven’t been keeping a record of case numbers for my eleven chosen countries. I have made the effort to gather case numbers for the UK for June to September. And rather than calculate results on the daily numbers of cases and deaths, I averaged both from the beginning of July. The first few days of such a procedure always give a wild start to a graph. Like this –

I found the first couple of weeks anomalous to the three month trend and rather distracting so in the final graph for today I have started at the 13th July. And I have posited a 21-day lag between infection and death. So the 13th July Case figure is the running average from 10 June and Deaths the running average from 1 July.

Obviously, the “lag case” figure is much lower on 27 September and the regime’s “exponential rise” is three weeks into the future. The running average death figure is unchanged but the trend is more obviously rising now. Rather than downplaying the regime’s fear-mongering, this graph is showing Covid-19 to be more lethal. No lag: 1 death per 95 cases. 21 day lag: 1 death per 53 cases at 27 September.

Spurious cases, iffy deaths. You must decide how frightened you want to be – and how much you cherish your freedom.

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