I suspect many people have tried to post this screengrab from an FDA presentation to Facebook, only to see it quickly taken down. All it shows is that in October last year the FDA was well aware of likely adverse reactions to the Covid jabs but gave emergency approval to the vaccine rollout in the United States anyway.

Below is a table of some of the reactions listed above, taken from the latest Yellow Card data published by the MHRA  in the UK. The categories are not matched perfectly to the above list but you can gather your own totals from the UK Column presentation of Yellow Card data here.(Adverse reactions and fatalities reported to Yellow Card may be as little as ten per cent of “true” figures.)

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I reckoned the First Wave of Covid-19 in the UK lasted seventeen weeks. The Second has lasted longer and crested higher. Week 20 ended on 8 February.

Data sources: Worldometer and World Bank

How long it will take to fall below 1% of Expected Weekly Deaths from all causes, as it did in Week 20 of the First Wave, is anyone’s guess.

We were led to believe that “the vaccine” would save us but after fifteen million British lemmings have thrown themselves off a cliff into an ocean of gene therapies, antisocial distancing, health-damaging mask wearing, destruction of small businesses and the raddling of children’s minds continue. There is no end to our  immiseration in sight. Don’t think of going on holiday anywhere – and if you lie about where you have come from when you enter this benighted nation, expect up to ten years in chokey.

A couple of days ago I received two invitations to take part in the jaboree. I have declined both and must now, it seems, expect a knock at the door. I wonder if my wish to wait until the concoction manufacturers publish Phase 3 Trial results (in October 2023?) will be accepted.

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