The Lie

I mentioned yesterday that the regime’s “case figures” were rubbish. Paul Weston says they are criminal. I’m convinced.

The near future is looking grim for much of the world’s population. The horrors are piling up. Returning from my morning walk and before I started “work”, I read Robin Westenra’s take on our current situation – Nothing Ever Goes Away.

I think I’ll take his advice and focus on one thing in the time I have left, “to the exclusion of everything else”.

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Making Waves

The UK regime has convinced itself that a Second Wave of Covid-19 has started to build. To “save lives” it has decreed that Britons must be locked up again.

Spot the Second Wave…

This graph is deliberately bare bones. The line runs from 21 March to 21 September. It shows reported Covid-19 deaths each day (source Worldometer) as a percentage of expected daily deaths from all causes (World Bank 2018annual deaths divided by 365.25.) The wild peaks and troughs are a consequence of most weekend deaths being reported at the beginning of the following working week.

The debate continues but it is becoming clear that between 5 and 10% of people (in Any Country) who have died with Covid noted on the death certificate had no other health issues (comorbidities). You should, therefore, try to visualize a roughly Seven Percent First Wave.

UK citizens were asked to sacrifice their freedoms back in March to “flatten the curve”. They did their duty.

This graph from UK Column News shows how flat the curve may have been. Every death above the red dotted line has been caused, the Column argues, by the supposed “cure” and not the “disease”.

Imagining a Second Wave is one thing. Responding to its perceived threat with locking people up in their homes for six more months is another.

I look to Sky Australia to explain Covidmania to me. Today, Andrew Bolt and Alan Jones were a great help. (The British Broadcasting Corporation is beaming its “news” from a planet that bears no resemblance to the one I inhabit.)

Here is Australia’s graph of the Covid Percentage of Expected Deaths.

No obvious First Wave yet but that hasn’t stopped the psychopaths implementing one of the most inhumane lock down on Earth. Cross your fingers that Aussie-style police brutality doesn’t infect your country. There were disturbing signs of it presenting in Trafalgar Square at the weekend.

The Misery of Six

Not more on the rocket boys  – but the legal requirement in England from Monday for no more than six humans to gather socially. All because of a steep rise in”cases” of Covid-19 infections.

Most people know by now that a positive PCR test for Covid means only that scraps of any old coronavirus have been found in swabs taken. The test cannot diagnose Covid-19 – a disease that is beginning to look increasingly mythical.

Assuming the disease is real and the numbers reported are believable they can be represented in a couple of ways.

Source: Office of National Statistics

The average figures are for the last five years in England and Wales. The cause of the spike is supposedly Covid-19. Notice how deaths have been running slightly below the average for a few weeks since the “pandemic” shot its bolt. Nothing to see here – for a while perhaps.

Source: Worldometer

For this chart the Expected Deaths have been estimated from World Bank 2018 figures, with 12,043 people departing each and every week. (I don’t have the data to assess seasonal variation for the whole of 2020.) The story is the same as for the line graph – the scamdemic is over. “Covid 19” is currently responsible for 0.4% of expected deaths in “any week”  of an old normal year.

There must be other reasons for the regime immiserating us with more restrictions and stolen freedoms. Dave Cullen has some ideas. And Dr. Sam in New Zealand bravely sticks her head above the parapet regarding masks and Covid vaccines.

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The Six Per Cent

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) in America has recently declared that 94% of the people with Covid on their death certificates had comorbidities. The disease caused by SARS-Cov-2 is the sole cause of death for the remainder. The United States deaths by “pure” Covid-19 therefore drop from the reported 188,900 (September 1st) to 11,344. The World death toll could be a little over 50,000.

Yesterday I gathered the final figures for my Eleven Countries so that I could produce some graphs for the  Northern Summer and Southern Winter. I will stay with the grossly inflated figures because I just want to point towards the End of Pandemic One – and at 6% the “picture” will look much the same.

On the Worldometer site you will find that all countries have a Deaths per Million figure. As deaths accumulate, this figure grows. But it grows at a varying rate from day to day in all countries and if this is taken into account the lines on a graph can go down as well as up.

For clarity I have split the Eleven into two groups.

I mentioned in an earlier post that New Zealand was “flat lining”. It’s plain to see here. The Casedemic in the UK is still driving lockdowns in parts of the nation but the pandemic is clearly over here – and in Sweden. India appears to have a problem but its death rate is growing from a low base. Australian deaths have sprung from virtually nothing. Most are in Victoria and can be laid at the door of government incompetence (regarding quarantine). Dictator Dan is far more dangerous than any virus. (Search online for “pregnant woman Ballarat”.)

Public Health England has its own illustrations of Pandemic One’s fading away. More information here.

And what of Pandemic Two? Covid-21 has probably been manufactured  already and is awaiting deployment. This delightful couple can’t hide their glee at the prospect of it being unleashed, because “it will get attention this time”. Threat? Promise?

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Something’s Not Right

Below is a Table of the number of people in my eleven selected countries who have died this year so far from (or with) Covid-19 disease, as a percentage of each country’s total population. The GLOBAL figure is total Covid related deaths up to 28 August divided by the World Population on Friday (source: Worldometer).

Nothing to fear here?

(New Zealand is flat-lining because nobody has died there from/with Covid since May 28. In three months an estimated 8,281 New Zealanders have died of something else. The regime has nonetheless gone “full fascist”. If you thought the unlucky country across the Tasman was under the jackboot…)

Time to push back.

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Not So Deadly

In March, a few days after the UK downgraded the lethality of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, the regime locked us down. Two days ago, ‘Malthuss’ commented on Clusterfuck Nation.

This is circulating,

The CDC just confirmed a .2% death rate for COVID-19. That’s TWO TENTHS of a percent, not two percent.
For that, we have:
* Added nearly 6 trillion to national debt
* Laid-off or furloughed 50 million workers
* 60 million on food stamps
* Gone from 5% to 13% unemployment or 50% unemployment
* Crippled the petroleum industry
* Ruined the tourism industry
* Bankrupted the service industry
* Caused an impending meat and protein crisis
* Threatened, fined, and arrested church leaders
* Exacerbated mental health problems
* Shut down schools and colleges
* Given unbridled power to unelected officials
* Increased suicides higher than COVID deaths
* Delayed surgeries and treatments for profound illnesses
* Infringed upon countless important civil liberties
* Placed 350 million Americans on house arrest

The American Center for Disease Control is now saying that the Symptomatic Case Fatality Ratio for Covid-19 is between 0.002 and 0.004. Scientists at Oxford seeking a vaccine are expressing concern that the plandemic will fizzle out before a wing-and-prayer concoction can be tested on hard-to-find infected volunteers.

Taking a leaf out of the UK regime’s playbook, the Old Man in a Chair is offering us this message –

Distrust the Government

Avoid Mass Media

Fight the Lies

Vernon Coleman

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The UK Column chaps ended their bulletin today on a light note. They had picked up a meme showing an image of a teacher addressing her near future back-to-schoolers, “So children, what did we learn during lockdown?”


Adult education for me today included this –


The conversation that accompanies this cautionary note is enlightening. If you watch it, the Google algorithm will recommend Part 2. In this, John Doyle references the blue ocean event, global dimming and the dangers of wet bulb temperatures. When I gathered my data at Weather Underground this morning I noticed Category 6  had just posted Heat and Humidity Near the Survivability Threshold.

There is still no sign of a sudden rise of temperature in any of my Ten Stations (as a consequence of a less polluted atmosphere). Running average temperatures from the beginning of the meteorological year over the last five weeks show:-

4 of the northern 5 stations are warmer than in the same period last year but at only one, Rome, is it currently getting relatively warmer. Washington was warmer than last year (just) until last week.

This Met. Year cf Last, Weeks 19 to 23, °C.

Washington DC is the only northern station currently below 2°C above P-I.

All 5 southern stations are now cooler than the IPCC projection for the end of November 2020.

Wellington is now the warmest of the southern stations this year at 1.06° above P-I exactly. (The IPCC year-end projection is 1.0652 degrees.) But in Week 23 it was 0.55°C cooler than last year, up 0.35 degrees from Week 19.



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