The Lie

I mentioned yesterday that the regime’s “case figures” were rubbish. Paul Weston says they are criminal. I’m convinced.

The near future is looking grim for much of the world’s population. The horrors are piling up. Returning from my morning walk and before I started “work”, I read Robin Westenra’s take on our current situation – Nothing Ever Goes Away.

I think I’ll take his advice and focus on one thing in the time I have left, “to the exclusion of everything else”.

Mark of Man 54 · The Reaper

Filey Surgery

The News

Nowadays, the news comes in two basic varieties – Real or Fake. Make that five on the basis of providers – Corporate Financed, State Sponsored, and Independent.

Do your own investigation but I think you will find that Corporate News is Fake, Independent News is usually Real and State Sponsored news is pure Propaganda, except for Russia Today, where journalists are, it seems, still encouraged to make noble attempts at “balance”.  Something the BBC in my country doesn’t even pay lip service to anymore.

We are living in interesting times and to understand what is really going on you’ll have to make an effort to find providers you can trust. If you haven’t tried UK Column News before, please give them 45 minutes or so of your time. Today’s bulletin was shockingly “on message”, in a way that the Beeb hasn’t been in a generation (maybe ever).

Theresa May is making herself a very easy target now but to think she may be replaced as “leader” by a Clown or a Little Boy is deeply worrying. A general election that would almost certainly put Labour into power is just as frightening to me. Britain will never be “Great” again, just increasingly more Hopeless. (I know, there is always hope in hopeless.)

I have been working hard on the Churchyard Project and listen to “alternative voices” while picking digital oakum. These folks give a very different picture of what is happening in the world. A lot of what they report isn’t mentioned at all in or on “mainstream media”. And whatever the BBC or Sky News does put out (to name just two Propaganda Purveyors) has so much spin on it as to make me dizzy. With anger usually.

I don’t have much “spare” time in the day to do research in genealogy and local history at the moment but I would like to keep this blog ticking over. I’m thinking of offering some thoughts each day on “current affairs”. You have been warned. I hope you will find them interesting.

In Local News today, there were thirteen ducks on the boating lake this morning. They have more room, now that the pedaloes and canoes have been put into storage for the winter. A couple of weeks ago I thought the successful brood of five had flown. They had, temporarily, but they spread the word, or fluttered their feathers, and returned with suitors. Check out this handsome brute…