Greta Abused

The lugubrious chaps at UK Column News, fresh from their Easter break (not that you’d notice), opened today with an attack on climate change/global warming and its poster child du jour, Greta Thunberg. They put up a picture of the young Swedish activist with a smiling Jeremy Corbyn and followed with a tweet from  Jezza’s know-it-all bro, Piers.


It seems to me that Greta is simply following a different drummer. It may not be too long before she and her elders, but maybe not betters, understand beyond all doubt which way Planet Cookie is going to crumble.

The newscasters march behind the climate sceptics and introduced an article by Mark Carney, The financial sector must be at the heart of tackling climate change. Brian Gerrish concluded:-

These people are dangerously mad, because what are these massive risks? Did he give any examples of what these massive risks are in the paper? Perhaps he does, perhaps he doesn’t. But we can’t solve the simple things, the potholes in the road, but we are going to tackle global climate change, even though the evidence is not there in the first place. (My emphasis.)


One of Messrs Gerrish and Robinson’s favourite japes is to feature material emanating from the government propaganda machine (the BBC) and hit it with a cartoon FAKE NEWS stamp. So it is amusing to see them trash, in a dozen words, the careers of countless climate scientists, and dismiss the campaigning of the world’s worried schoolchildren. Oh, mustn’t forget the sensibilities of this dotty old geezer, who has been presenting nature and environment programs for the BBC since I was a nipper. Maybe I have been brainwashed, but the risks look rather big to me, wherever I look.