A Brickmaker’s Family

William RAWSON was born in South Collingham, Nottinghamshire towards the end of 1837, to parents John and Elizabeth née BODY.

East Nottinghamshire around Newark is at the edge of the Rawson heartland, stretching north through Derbyshire into south Yorkshire and then taking a leap south-westwards to Manchester.

William had two brothers and two sisters (at least) but he is the only one that appears to have left his home patch to seek a fortune. I don’t suppose anyone knows why he chose Filey and having started out as an agricultural labourer his prospects were not great. But he was a robust and fine-looking fellow and in 1866 he married Elizabeth Ann MAULSON, a Filey woman about ten years his junior. In 1871 they were living on Ravine Terrace with two children, John Thomas, 3, and Elizabeth, 2. I suspect it is their firstborn pictured below.

Photographer unknown, no date, courtesy of Marilyn Briggs.

After John Thomas and Elizabeth, there was a deluge of ten more children. The births of Robert Hornby and Mary Eliza were registered in Stockton, County Durham, but all bar one of the others first saw light in Filey. (William junior, number 7, was born in Riccall.)

William senior seems to have had a career change in Durham. In 1881 he told the enumerator he was a bricklayer’s labourer. Ten years later he was a brickmaker, but maybe not a successful one because in 1901 he gave “general labourer” as his occupation. 

The Shared Tree has married six of the children but two more had exchanged vows in my RootsMagic database.

You may have noticed that the firstborn son John Thomas appears twice in the Shared Tree. In his 1888 death registration, he is just John. A labourer, he died at Cayton at the end of May and was buried in St Oswald’s churchyard on the third of June. He doesn’t have a marked grave. He had married Ann MAINPRIZE in Bridlington less than five months earlier and she would register John’s death and the birth of their son George in the June quarter of 1888. (You should check this information – and every other fact in the lists above.)

John the First made way for William and Elizabeth Ann’s last child, John the Second, who was tragically killed in a fall (see An Accidental Death). His memorial stone in the churchyard has toppled and broken in half. The hidden part of the inscription remembers his parents.

Marilyn also kindly donated this photo to Looking at Filey but she was not certain that it shows the Rawsons in later years. If the youngest boy here is John the Second, he looks to be about five years old, dating the photograph to around 1895.  That year, Robert Hornby was 24, William 16 and Charles 13.

I didn’t have information about William junior’s death. He was easy to trace. He married Angelina SPAVIN in 1902, five years after older brother Robert had married Angelina’s sister Hannah. In 1911 William had three children and was working as a blast furnace labourer in Loftus. In 1939 he was a “road worker” living in Scalby with Angelina and their daughter Minnie, 34. William’s birth date is given as 1 November 1880 in The Register but his birth was recorded in the December Quarter of the previous year. His death was registered in the September Quarter of 1958, aged 78.

I think it is the brickmaker’s family.

Abstract 115 · Glen Gardens

Filey Genealogy & Connections brings Amy down to earth on 16 December 1866 but does not specify the location. Twenty-six months later she is baptised at Filey Wesleyan Chapel. Her parents are Charles Anakin and Betsy.

I searched the Shared Tree giving Filey as her birthplace and there is just one human female with the name in this universe. Her parents – Charles Anakin and Betsy EZARD married at Scarborough St Mary’s with Holy Apostles in March 1864. Amy was born, however, on 21 December 1865 in Walworth, Surrey, 250 miles to the south. Hmm.

Walworth and Newington are a mile apart, with Elephant and Castle in between. So, not born in Filey then. But an inexplicably late registration if the Shared Tree birth is correct.

In December 1868, Amy was presented with a brother, John Leonard, born in Filey and also baptised at the Wesleyan Chapel according to FG&C. The GRO Births Index shows a Scarborough registration. I don’t have access to the Wesleyan registers and the Shared Tree doesn’t have sources for the baptisms of these children.

Charles and Betsy’s third child is supposedly another John born in Filey. As John Leonard was still around “John S. Amakin” is surely his double. The couple then moves to Wakefield to make Edith Emma and Charles junior and on to Liverpool to have more babies. Two children died at 115 Great Homer Street – Edith Emma in June 1876 aged five and Richard Ernest in the winter of 1878 before he reached his first birthday. The leaving of Liverpool by half the surviving siblings may have been prompted by these losses.

Amy and three of her siblings die in the United States.

Elizabeth Ann MAULSON is the second daughter of Richard (AP 1125 · burial · 3 July) and Harriet Marshall HORNER. She was baptised at Filey St Oswald’s. She married George William RICHARDSON there in 1920.

Herbert King was 27 when he married Hilda HALL at St Oswald’s in 1915. FG&C gives him three occupations – groom, gardener and butcher. I can’t believe that these would have saved him from doing his duty in the trenches. He survived the First World War but died about three decades before Hilda and isn’t mentioned in churchyard despatches,

Alice Beatrice LESTER was the daughter of the Vicar of Skipsea and married the Vicar of Flamborough. In 1939, Civil Defence and St John’s Ambulance Duties had been listed against her name in The Register. She was 34 when she married and I don’t think she had any children.

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In loving memory of BERTIE JOHNSON, who died Nov 6th 1923, aged 51 years.

Also, his daughter BERTHA M. JOHNSON, who died Dec 13th 1931, aged 23 years.

‘At rest’

Crimlisk Survey 1977