Buried Alive

Kate Mary RICKARD is an anniversary person today because the Reverend COOPER recorded her burial on this date.

This could be correct but the inscription on the family headstone says otherwise.

The two sources agree that the child had lived for seven months. I went with the headstone date when creating an ID for Kate three years ago, and seem not to have wanted to complicate matters with the burial source.

Row 20 | 1432 Rickard D231

In loving memory of the following beloved children of WILLIAM & HANNAH MARIA RICKARD:

HENRY HEADLEY died April 5th 1894 aged 5 years.

EDITH ANNIE died March 14th 1891 aged 9 months.

KATE MARY died Sept 17th 1893 aged 7 months.

ELSIE MAY died Dec 19th 1895 aged 13 months.

Crimlisk Survey 1977

Correction: William Hankes 1839-1884

Row 20 | D233 Pearson 1430 | Cross

In loving memory of RICHARD HAXBY PEARSON, the beloved son of FRANK and MARY PEARSON, died May 30 1916, aged 20 years.

‘Too dearly loved to be forgotten

Died for his country’

Also, the above FRANCIS H. PEARSON, who died Aug 5th 1927, aged 61 years.

‘Until the day break and the shadows flee away’

And of MARY PEARSON, a devoted wife and mother, died Feb 28 1950, aged 84 years.

‘Peace perfect peace’

Crimlisk Survey 1977

Elizabeth STEPHENSON was born in Reighton to Grindwell and Rachel née WOODSWORTH. She married a Huddersfield man and following the wedding I think he took her to the West Riding to set up a home. In 1881 Grindwell, a farmer, had a Huddersfield-born grandson with him at Ganstead (just outside Hull) but the lad’s surname is given as Stephenson. Five years later, Grindwell’s death was registered in that city. He was 70 years old. I have not been able to follow George and Elizabeth to their last days.

William HANKES is the father of recently remembered Hilda Charlotte and the son of William Smith Hankes (death 8 April).

Abstract 104 · Gravestone Lichen

More Gardening

Before bringing an outcast Robert JENKINSON in from the cold [L8S2-22P], I searched again for his children and found…

Previously, I had looked for a Robert born in 1819 +/- 2 years. My bad. But I am pleased to have this family to build on. When I have added the missing children I will introduce them to their paternal grandparents. That will be a shock to “the system”.

This morning I had a last look for missing children on the Shared Tree and found Robert the Second, born in the summer of 1855. When he was 19 years old, he married Elizabeth STEPHENSON. Though that isn’t quite how he has been presented.

The three-year discrepancy in father Robert’s birth year is a red flag, and the absence of the children’s grandparents is disconcerting but, yet again, it is the attached sources that confirm that there is something amiss here.

The contributor who attached three sources was clearly aware of the birth year difference but allowed this weed to take root anyway.

The second source earns flower status because the “wrong Robert” above will be made right by simply changing the birth date. The children shown in the screenshot seem right, though six more have to be added. The note added by the contributor isn’t quite correct, (“age 20 born 1854)”, and it doesn’t reveal that the bride’s mother in law was Elizabeth COLE. It also fails to point out that the Robert born in 1852 to Robert Jenkinson and Rachel HODGSON, died aged 9.

The third source is also a flower, being the Bridlington household of Robert and Elizabeth nee Stephenson.

It will take a few more days to fix the errors plaguing the closely related Jenkinsons of Filey and Bridlington – and to upload their several Filey St Oswald’s headstones to the Shared Tree as memories.

Clouds 52 · Filey Bay