I ended Friday’s post with a 1901 census screenshot of “wrong” Elizabeth STORK as Mrs WESTFIELD. The only birth record I had found that was a reasonable fit for her gave the mother’s maiden surname as ULLIOT. It didn’t take long to figure that this woman was not the mother of the future Mrs Westfield. Here is the birth registration of the besmircher of little Elizabeth Stork’s memory.

STOCK (sic), Elizabeth, Mother’s Maiden Surname: MAINPRIZE. GRO Reference: 1845 J Quarter in BRIDLINGTON Volume 23 Page 21

In most other readily available sources this Elizabeth’s calculated birth year is 1851. There is a record showing that she was baptised at the age of two that goes part way to explaining the six year discrepancy.

Elizabeth, daughter of William Stork and Frances “Fanny” Mainprize, already has a place on Filey Genealogy & Connections, but the information about her maternal grandparents there is minimal. I had to do more work to establish that, in reality, grandfather Leonard Mainprize was born in Flamborough in 1785. In a corner of the Shared Tree he is almost a quarter of a century older. And this fellow married twice and appears to have fathered seventeen children. I have put the two families together –

“Wrong” Elizabeth’s mother is child 8 on the right.

That John Mainprize should have been born in 1807 to both Mary Morris and Frances Vickerman is only one indication that all is not well here.

Leonard is apparently sixty-seven years old when his last child, Mary, is born. In 1851 she is described in the Census as a “house servant”, 23 and unmarried, living in Flamborough with her widower father. His given age is 65, not 90.

One of the FamilySearch Genealogies, from a partner site (, has a firmer grip on reality.

If this mess on the Shared Tree can be cleared up, the relationship between the two Leonards may become clear – and little Elizabeth Stork can sleep in peace eternally when “wrong” Elizabeth is laid to rest in the right place and at the right time.

(I have just had a quick look online and the FamilySearch Shared Tree has been calculated to be 98% accurate.)

Beach 139 · Filey Sands

Arndale Slip

Monkeying Around

In April 2019 I put a headstone on the Shared Tree that remembered Robert STORK, his two wives, Margaret CHAPMAN and Rachel HUMPHREY, and Margaret’s second daughter Elizabeth, who died aged six in 1857.

Elizabeth already had an ID [MGCB-W3S] but if you search for this now you get…


Searching for Elizabeth, born 1851 in Filey, delivers this Top 3…

Number 1 is our wee girl, with her parents and correct years of birth and death – but a different ID, GS79-JX2. Click to the Shared Tree…

Although heartened that this Elizabeth has the right dates, I am disappointed that her “memory” has been removed. And who is this “rachel Stork”? She has no sources attached and I don’t think any will ever be found.

It gets worse.

Number 3 on the search list (above) is Elizabeth Stork born in Flamborough in 1851, wife of George Henry WESTFIELD. On the face of it she is not our Elizabeth but click on her and, notwithstanding death in 1906 and the absence of forebears, she has a memory.

So much for little Elizabeth’s early death being written in stone – and affirmed on paper.

Finally, the Elizabeth currently tagged to the Stork headstone has a calculated age at death of 55. The GRO Deaths Index entry says Mrs Westfield was six years older than that.

WESTFIELD, Elizabeth, Age at Death (in years): 61. GRO Reference: 1906  M Quarter in SCULCOATES Volume 09D Page 156 Occasional Copy: A

I cannot find a Bridlington birth registration for Elizabeth Stork in 1844, 1845 or 1846. There is this in 1847 –

STORK, Elizabeth, Mother’s Maiden Surname: ULLIOT. GRO Reference: 1847 D Quarter in BRIDLINGTON Volume 23 Page 29.

And here is “wrong Elizabeth” in 1901, from FamilySearch records –

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