Path 166 · Near Primrose Valley

54.196671, -0.284803

Birth Rosalie WALLER, daughter of Robert and Alice JACKSON, married David SMITH of Hunmanby in 1922. In September 1939, living at 2 Lascelles Grove, Harrogate. David was a Master Plumber & Glazier.

Baptism  Esther claimed her MAINPRIZE in 1813 when she was just eighteen. Thirty-eight years later, the Flamborough census enumerator put her age correctly at 56 – and her husband a dubious eighteen years younger.

This could work if the three children listed were their only progeny. The FamilySearch Shared Tree, however, shows their first child arrived in 1814 before “1851 John” was born. Did Esther marry two John Mainprizes?

In 1826 Esther junior was born. As I write, the Shared Tree indicates she married a certain James BAYES, born in 1872. The “system” has raised an objection, but for now, the egregious error stands. The 1851 census is attached as a source for the family and the transcript gives them a daughter, Mary Ann, aged 9. The couple had been married for just seven years and, not surprisingly, the GRO Index demurs –

Here is the Bayes family presented by the enumerator in 1851 –

Hmm. Can’t blame the transcriber; the enumerator perhaps.

I wish querying sources wasn’t so time-consuming.

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