Margaret BULMER and her husband, William Hunter CAMBRIDGE, were born in Hartlepool, but after the birth of their fourth child, the family moved south to Filey. On census night 1851 their house in Murray Street sheltered four boat builders – William, his Hartlepool brother Thomas, and two young apprentices.

William died in 1875 and Margaret followed seventeen years later. A fine stone remembers them but it has been almost entirely overwhelmed by the large bush that arches over the main path. A few days ago I snapped the inscription while holding back the leaves.

Here is the rear view.

Filey Genealogy & Connections marries Esther to George PICKERING in Bridlington in 1900 and gives them nine children but doesn’t tell us when they left this world. I wondered if FamilySearch would have this information. The Shared Tree adds two more children to their collection, giving Esther three score years and ten and George a bonus of five more. As if this isn’t pleasing enough – there are photographs of the serious-looking couple, taken on their wedding day. They have a host of ancestors.

Robinson was born in Snainton and baptised in the village two days later. Perhaps he wasn’t expected to live. Aged 13 in 1841, he is with his mother on census night in his grandfather Thomas BURNETT’s house in Carr Lane, Brompton-by Sawdon. FG&C doesn’t record the death of his father, Richard, but it won’t be a surprise to find he didn’t make old bones because Robinson died at thirty-seven. The Shared Tree reveals that this is nine years more than his father enjoyed. In 1851, Robinson was working as a butcher and farmer with his father-in-law and as a cattle dealer in 1861. He married in 1850 and had five children with Mary. The youngest, Thomas, was three years old when Robinson died. Thirty-six years would pass before Mary was reunited with him in St Oswald’s churchyard.

The Shared Tree has the marriage of Robert and Prudence on this day in 1803 but the original source doesn’t give their ages. Another source says the wedding took place a little over a year earlier, on 6 May and says the groom was 32 years old and the bride thirty. Prudence lived long enough to be enumerated in 1841 (Muston) and 1851 (Mosey’s Yard, Filey) and her declared ages indicate her birth in 1771 and 1767 respectively. Aged 84 at her last census, she died a few weeks later – at 85 according to the death registration. Prudence has a possible duplicate ID (MGTP-H7D) on FamilySearch attached to an Egton (Whitby) baptism record, dated 20 June 1767. Only her mother’s name is given – Jane Petch. The 1851 census transcript says Prudence was born in “Easton”, Yorkshire, and it is very clearly written thus on the page image. There is a place called Easton in the East Riding, at the edge of Bridlington, but perhaps the enumerator misheard. An “Independent” widow in 1841, Prudence is a “Miller’s widow” in 1851. Robert’s occupation could have taken him to several villages in the course of his working life – and he may have been in Nunburnholme with Prudence when he died there in February 1823. There is a March 1st Hutton Cranswick burial record for this fellow, aged 53.

Elizabeth was only 27 years old when she died in Filey on this day in 1813. The available records indicate that ten days passed before she was buried. She is one of eight people named on a large flat stone in St Oswald’s churchyard, most of whom are yet to be connected on the Shared Tree. As I write this, FG&C is more informative. (Mary HASELWOOD MGCT-5WP, the grandmother of Elizabeth Richardson is in the wings, awaiting connection.)

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