Deserve Better

The Labour Party wants my vote. Tough.

The political organization once beloved of the British working class has, at the highest level, been showing its contempt for democracy recently. At the grassroots, it clearly has no respect for English grammar.


Strike Three. Filey is part of Scarborough Borough. It is one thing for our town to be ignored – another to know that Scarborough is the fat cat that gets most of the cream, most of the time.

Getting Better

The annoyance triggered by Labour “literature” was soon dispelled by a rising star in the UK’s political firmament, Carl Benjamin. His three-minute description of British Politics in 2019 topped my YouTube recommendations this morning. Please watch, and if you are amused read a tranche of the comments too. If your face doesn’t get a joy ride, seek medical help immediately.

There is hope yet for us poor, shat upon Brits.

And if Sargon was not enough of a treat, happening upon a short video of AMW introducing TR, another prospective Member of the European Parliament, warmed the cockles this afternoon.

Troll on, mad lads and lasses.

But, seriously… Anne Marie’s view of the Labour Party.

Put it to the People!

“Hundreds of thousands” of well-meaning folk flocked to London today to call for a Second Referendum on leaving or remaining in the European Union. The votes almost three years ago of 17.4 million sensible people have, it seems, been dismissed as an irrelevance. I for one knew what I was voting for back then and have not changed my mind.

Screengrab from helicopter footage today, broadcast by BBC News.

Whatever happens in the next two weeks, months or years, this divided country is never going to heal. It is not intended to. Divide and conquer will continue to flourish while we sicken and die from political correctness and 5G.

A Second Referendum is pointless, though I would welcome one with the same binary choice as last time. Having seen the way the European Union has treated us over the last three years I reckon LEAVE would win by a much bigger majority.

Our rulers, though, are mostly REMAINERS, so if there is a second “People’s Vote” they will choose questions that make remaining inevitable.

I’m sure the wretched Parliament in Westminster will not bother putting anything to the people. The MPs don’t like us and may try revoking Article 50, hoping the EU will agree to the UK staying as a member of the “superstate”. Manu the Weasel may become an unlikely hero for Brexiteers by saying “non” to that.

I suppose, collectively, we’ll get the imposed future we deserve – if we (all of us, together) don’t resist and fight for something better. I know, it’s not going to happen.


Blood Red

UK Column

The first segment of today’s UK Column news bulletin deals with the attempts of a state to put down citizen protests with brutal violence. If Bashar al-Assad treated his people this way the European media would be hammering readers and viewers with righteous condemnation – and the Axis of Evil would be raining its missiles upon Syria. But because it is Macron…

I wonder how many of the 27 EU nations are providing goons to maim and kill on French streets.

And to think there are British politicians desperate for their people to remain shackled to the  European Union. (Just think how lethal the organization will be when it achieves “military unification”. Remember, its unelected bureaucrats make all the rules we will die by.)


My dear Uncle Ron didn’t appreciate chaos but whenever he spoke of ‘choss’ (same thing) he always had a smile on his face. He’d be loving it, in England, now.

I will not dissemble with you…As an Englishman, I am always straight in my dealings. An Englishman never lies nor deceives, even for his own profit.

Henry VIII, in conversation with Eustache Chapuys, ambassador of Emperor Charles V. Bring Up The Bodies, Hilary Mantel p.125

I mentioned a few days ago that we can’t leave the European Union because our armed forces have already been co-opted by that organization. The Lisbon Treaty explains what we are expected to relinquish if we stay in the EU. In a long list:-

14: The UK loses control of its armed forces including its nuclear deterrent

You will find the full list in the comments section of today’s  UK Column NewsIf you choose to devote some time to watching this antidote to lamestream bulletins you’ll see this photo of some “hearts of oak”, taken only a week or so ago at Northwood.


Note the flags. One is fringed in gold, indicating its military status.

The UK regime will find a way to nullify The People’s Vote of 2016. Before disappointed “leavers” reach for their pitchforks, they should seek out photographs of Act 10 in Paris where the brutal gendarmerie are shown piling in with batons. The peacemakers may not be French police or army but rather willing servants of tyranny from other EU member countries. Coming to an English shire near you, sometime soon perhaps.

Raise a glass. Choss.