Adding Jane

Further searching hasn’t uncovered any vital records online that support the existence of little Jane JENKINSON. who died her infancy and is remembered on the family headstone. (Last Saturday’s post, Over the Target.)

She appears, however, in the comprehensive Filey Jenkinson pedigree in Filey: Fishing, Faith and Family by Irene Allen and Andrew Todd. Published by Blackthorn Press in June this year, it updates and greatly expands Filey: A Yorkshire Fishing Town (1985).

Jane appears in Chart E5 as one of almost eighty descendants of Thomas Jenkinson & Mary CASTLE. She is shown arriving after Mary Elizabeth (1848-1850) and before Mary Ann (1852-1853). I have added her to the FamilySearch Shared Tree, offering 1850 as the year of her birth and death.

Some information on this ‘COLE’ branch was obtained from a family bible reportedly discovered in a cottage awaiting demolition.

A note on Chart E5

I am reluctant to banish ‘Wrong Robert’ without first establishing his parentage. Perhaps someone else will do the dirty work.

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A Distant Marriage Horizon

I haven’t been calculating the distances young Filey born men and women travelled to find a spouse but would guess the average is not much more than ten miles for both sexes. Henry JOHNSON journeyed almost 300 miles from the Yorkshire coast to find Beatrice Ellen SELLICK. They were married in Bridgwater in 1923. I don’t know if they set up home in Filey shortly afterwards but their son, Bernard Tom Henry, was born here in 1930. The 1939 Register found them living in West Avenue.

Henry and Beatrice are remembered on the broken headstone of Tom Henry Johnson and Mary Ann BULMER.

I have put a photograph of the stone on the FamilySearch Shared Tree and will add a little to the Sellick pedigree tomorrow.

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Evening moon over Flamborough Head

Over the Target

Anyone publicly challenging BS regime narratives these days receives flak. If you are over the target on the FamilySearch Shared Tree clouds of Blue Hints appear onscreen.

A week ago, in Garden of Earthly Delights, I offered screenshots of two Robert Jenkinsons born in 1819. One was rightly the son of Thomas and Mary nee CASTLE and the other mistakenly so. After adding all but one of Right Robert’s missing children with Elizabeth COLE, I connected him with his parents. The two Roberts are now “brothers” – and the system has issued “Possible Duplicate Child” warnings.

For now, Wrong Robert will remain a child of Thomas and Mary. I have made just enough changes to enable me to put the other Robert’s headstone on the Shared Tree as a memory. ( I didn’t add Jane to the family he created with Elizabeth. The child’s name is inscribed in stone but I have so far been unable to find a birth, census, or death record for her.)

This representation of Robert and Ann BARWICK is problematic. It asks us to believe Ann was twelve years old when she had an illegitimate child, and thirteen when she married. It also shows son William dying in 1849, even though an attached census source shows the boy aged three in 1851.

There is a source for the marriage on 13 September 1846 and the banns (below). The absence of Blue Hints is significant. Robert’s death in Durham is confidently asserted but searching for a record on Findmypast (+/- 5 years) returns nothing.

The births of William and James were registered.

JENKINSON, William, Mother’s Maiden Surname: BARWICK. GRO Reference: 1847 J Quarter in OF YORK IN THE CITY AND COUNTY OF YORK Volume 23 Page 709.

JENKINSON, James, Mother’s Maiden Surname: BARWICK. GRO Reference: 1849 D Quarter in OF YORK IN THE CITY AND COUNTY OF YORK Volume 23 Page 672.

GRO Index

But after 1851 the family disappears. I have found neither hide nor hair of them after this date.

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More Gardening

Before bringing an outcast Robert JENKINSON in from the cold [L8S2-22P], I searched again for his children and found…

Previously, I had looked for a Robert born in 1819 +/- 2 years. My bad. But I am pleased to have this family to build on. When I have added the missing children I will introduce them to their paternal grandparents. That will be a shock to “the system”.

This morning I had a last look for missing children on the Shared Tree and found Robert the Second, born in the summer of 1855. When he was 19 years old, he married Elizabeth STEPHENSON. Though that isn’t quite how he has been presented.

The three-year discrepancy in father Robert’s birth year is a red flag, and the absence of the children’s grandparents is disconcerting but, yet again, it is the attached sources that confirm that there is something amiss here.

The contributor who attached three sources was clearly aware of the birth year difference but allowed this weed to take root anyway.

The second source earns flower status because the “wrong Robert” above will be made right by simply changing the birth date. The children shown in the screenshot seem right, though six more have to be added. The note added by the contributor isn’t quite correct, (“age 20 born 1854)”, and it doesn’t reveal that the bride’s mother in law was Elizabeth COLE. It also fails to point out that the Robert born in 1852 to Robert Jenkinson and Rachel HODGSON, died aged 9.

The third source is also a flower, being the Bridlington household of Robert and Elizabeth nee Stephenson.

It will take a few more days to fix the errors plaguing the closely related Jenkinsons of Filey and Bridlington – and to upload their several Filey St Oswald’s headstones to the Shared Tree as memories.

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Garden of Earthly Delights

Another case of mistaken identity made me think of the FamilySearch Shared Tree as a domain where vital record sources are flowers. Many family plots are carefully and lovingly tended with beautiful floral borders. (We won’t look to see what is going on in the shrubbery.) But some gardens have unsightly and annoying weeds in them. Flowers in the wrong place.

Filey Genealogy & Connections has two boys called Robert JENKINSON, both baptised in 1819, the first in February to Thomas and Mary nee CASTLE, and the other in August to George and Mary nee SCALES. The two fathers were brothers.

A few days ago I turned to the elder Robert, to prepare for the placing of his headstone as a memory on the Shared Tree. I had done some work on the family a couple of years ago and was surprised to find that “my” Robert had been cast into outer darkness and replaced by this fellow:-

Usurper Robert has five sources attached to his record. Let us sort the weeds from the flowers. In chronological order:-

A weed
A weed
A flower
A flower
A flower

The birth of Elizabeth BARRICK was registered in Scarborough in the December Quarter of 1844. In 1841 her mother may have been enumerated twice in York as both Barrick and Barwick. A female servant, given age 20, was in two places in York on census night – in St Michael Le Belfrey and Minster Yard with Bedern. After 1851 I have found no trace of Robert and Ann Jenkinson. “Builay” is not a recognizable Yorkshire place name but a couple of sources give a glimpse of young Robert in the Doncaster area. There is an outside chance that “Builay” is Bawtry. I have not found the registration of his death in Durham.

The parish marriage register entry names the fathers of “Filey Robert” and Elizabeth Cole.

And here is the headstone remembering Robert, Elizabeth, and six children of their children.

In memory of MARY ELIZABETH JENKINSON, daughter of ROBERT and ELIZABETH JENKINSON, who died February 25th 1850, aged 2 years.

Also of five of their children, ABRAHAM, JANE, MARY ANN, ROBERT, and THOMAS, who died in infancy.

‘These lovely buds so young and fair

Called hence by early doom

Just came to show how sweet such flowers

In Paradise would bloom’

Also the above ELIZABETH JENKINSON the beloved wife of ROBERT JENKINSON

who died Oct 20th 1900 aged 79 years.

‘Died in peace’

Also of the above ROBERT JENKINSON, who died March 12th 1904, aged 86 years.

‘His end was peace’

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Monkeying Around

In April 2019 I put a headstone on the Shared Tree that remembered Robert STORK, his two wives, Margaret CHAPMAN and Rachel HUMPHREY, and Margaret’s second daughter Elizabeth, who died aged six in 1857.

Elizabeth already had an ID [MGCB-W3S] but if you search for this now you get…


Searching for Elizabeth, born 1851 in Filey, delivers this Top 3…

Number 1 is our wee girl, with her parents and correct years of birth and death – but a different ID, GS79-JX2. Click to the Shared Tree…

Although heartened that this Elizabeth has the right dates, I am disappointed that her “memory” has been removed. And who is this “rachel Stork”? She has no sources attached and I don’t think any will ever be found.

It gets worse.

Number 3 on the search list (above) is Elizabeth Stork born in Flamborough in 1851, wife of George Henry WESTFIELD. On the face of it she is not our Elizabeth but click on her and, notwithstanding death in 1906 and the absence of forebears, she has a memory.

So much for little Elizabeth’s early death being written in stone – and affirmed on paper.

Finally, the Elizabeth currently tagged to the Stork headstone has a calculated age at death of 55. The GRO Deaths Index entry says Mrs Westfield was six years older than that.

WESTFIELD, Elizabeth, Age at Death (in years): 61. GRO Reference: 1906  M Quarter in SCULCOATES Volume 09D Page 156 Occasional Copy: A

I cannot find a Bridlington birth registration for Elizabeth Stork in 1844, 1845 or 1846. There is this in 1847 –

STORK, Elizabeth, Mother’s Maiden Surname: ULLIOT. GRO Reference: 1847 D Quarter in BRIDLINGTON Volume 23 Page 29.

And here is “wrong Elizabeth” in 1901, from FamilySearch records –

Found Object 58 · Monkey


I created another ID for Isabella Bielby Cammish. To have clicked the “Restore Person” button may have caused complications.

Isabella’s mother on Filey Genealogy & Connections is Mary, daughter of George Simmons Cammish and Isabella nee HARRISON. In 1891, Mary was working as a general servant, aged 16, at The Three Tuns in Murray Street. Blue Hints indicate that she placed Isabella in the care of her parents and, when Isabella was four years old, she married Wharton Smith HARPER. Find her as a single woman on the Shared Tree.

Measure of Man 58 · Graffito

South Bay, Scarborough

CDC, FDA Faked ‘Covid’ Testing Protocol by Using Human Cells Mixed With Common Cold Virus Fragments, The Burning Platform

Bella, Bella

Using my godlike powers, I gave Isabella Bielby CAMMISH a FamilySearch ID last October, in advance of putting her gravestone on the Shared Tree. Alas, I have feet of clay and didn’t get around to doing this until yesterday. It was a shock to see that “my” Isabella had been “disappeared”.

In limbo, her six good sources are still attached.

I went to the churchyard to photograph the stone again.

The inscribed date and age at death tally with the FamilySearch deletion notice. Contributors to the Shared Tree move in mysterious ways sometimes.

But who would believe it? That two baby girls, born the same year and in the same neighbourhood, would be registered as Isabella Cammish. It is not unreasonable for someone to think I married “their” Isabella to the wrong man.

Mary Cammish, mother of the first Isabella to be born in 1894, probably didn’t give the middle name “Bielby” to help with future confusion. It was, more likely, a pointer to the father. But the ‘B’ is of assistance to the alert family historian.

Births (GRO)


CAMMISH, Isabella Bielby, Mother’s Maiden Surname: -.  GRO Reference: 1894 J Quarter in SCARBOROUGH Volume 09D Page 361.


CAMMISH, Isabella, Mother’s Maiden Surname: CRIMLISK. GRO Reference: 1894 D Quarter in SCARBOROUGH Volume 09D Page 373.

On the first two census nights of her life, Isabella B. was under the roof of her grandparents, George Simmons Cammish and Isabella nee HARRISON. Their dwelling in Swann’s Yard in 1901 had 13 Queen Street as its address. During the next ten years the household moved a short distance to Reynold’s Yard. In 1911, “the other Isabella” was with her parents, and younger brothers William and Francis  – at 14 Queen Street.

Filey Genealogy & Connections (in RootsMagic) shows the girls’ relationship –

Isabella B. married at age 21, Isabella at 25.

Marriages Jun 1915 (Free BMD)

CAMMISH Isabella B & WYVILL Crompton, Scarbro 9d 1066.

Marriages Mar 1919 (Free BMD)

CAMMISH Isabella & WRIGHT Allan, Scarbro 9d 697.      

The 1939 Register reveals that Mrs Wyvill remained in Filey.

Whereas Mrs Wright went with her husband to live in the Huntingdon.

At birth, 247 days separated the two girls; at death 14 years.

Deaths Jun 1974  (Free BMD)

WYVILL, Isabella, [Date of Birth] 13MY1894, SCARBROROUGH 2 2298.

June 1988 (GRO)

WRIGHT, Isabella, Year of Birth: 1894. GRO Reference: DOR Q2/1988 in HUNTINGDON (3331) Volume 9 Page 1013.

I must play God again and return Isabella B. to her husband.

I will do this tomorrow. Find the other Isabella on the Shared Tree.

(Mary Ann Wright, in the screenshot above, is not related by blood to Isabella’s husband Allan.)

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